1890 Map - Stoughton Center and surrounding area with engravings of buildings. 1770            Old maps of Norfolk County on Old Maps Online. S   1749            To put Stoughton more in line with neighboring towns, the water connection fee now will be lowered from $2,500 to $2,000. Fox River Valley R.R. S   1771            John W. Wood, 29. 1735              Same                                               Ashley Curtis                                   Edmund Quincy (Land)                   34. This story map was created with the Story Map Series application in ArcGIS Online. White                                                 1890 - Census Population of Stoughton: 4,852. John Wadsworth                                  George Wadsworth                        336-338 P - Robert Laurie                                     428 Plain St. 28. Records and preserves original vital records providing the basis for the Commonwealth’s central vital registration system. 1744               1733            1768                                                                             William Talbot                                   Peter Gay                                          Nathaniel Littlefield                        Theophilus Curtis (Land)                Morse, Sr. 43. Simon Stearns                                     Same                                                  1768            62. Off South St. on Berry Lane. Annie M. Sullivan                                      Central Business Distirct. Nellie Lynch                                              Central St. 94. S    1746-9         The Story. P - 1. ; The new 2-Minute Introduction and Concise Guide to Big Data which will help you make the most effective use of HomeTownLocator … - Robert A. Paine                                   113 W. Main St. 119. Mattie B. Capen (Land)                           301 Pleasant St. 72. 1771-5        P - Charles W. Welch                                      21, Stoughton Stoughton is in Southwest Wisconsin.Stoughton is a lovely town of 13,000 located just 15 miles south of Madison. E. Mullen                                     Registering to Vote and Voting Absentee Monument) West St. 14. Bird                     55. Theophilus Curtis                            Same                                              Enter your Town of Stoughton MA username. S-Denotes Near Canton Main Page at www.StoughtonHistory.com. St. 20. Benjamin Bird                                      Same                                                 1772           Highway Business. S  1768             Humphrey Atherton (Land)       About 500' from Elm on See the results of your search on the right side. West and Plain Sts. Anthony DeMolles                                     Near 20 Pine St. 52. side). Bay Road Joseph Belcher                                    Major Robert Swan (Land)                        West side of junction of School and Water Sts. John Battles                                     Edward Curtis (Land)                  Talbot                                      Same                                                 Government Websites by … 1727           Harriet North 660 'from Water on West St. (So. S    1763-5         98. Elijah Tilde,                                         United States. Our mailing address is Box 542, Stoughton, MA 02072. 74. 10. 114. 1740              564 Washington                           Stoughton is part of the Madison Metropolitan Statistical Area. Thomas Glover                                  Same                                            10 Pearl Street Stoughton, MA 02072 781-341-1300. Main St. 102. 95. 100. 68. Help. Founded in 1847 and known for its Norwegian heritage, including the famous Syttende Mai celebration of Norwegian Independence Day on May 17th. Elijah Tilde,                                         Narrow your search with advanced settings, such as Years (from/to), Fulltext, Publisher, etc. 1756                                                                                 Edward P. Barnes                                         1747-'56     John Johnson Tolman                                Same                                            P - Oscar Sewall                                         North side South St. 117. Samuel Blanchard                             John Bagley                               paths, and for a clearer understanding we have put the present day names. Town of Stoughton                                  1775                                                                             Same                                               Same                                             P- --- Winroths                                           She also continued her early teaching and healing practice. S    1764            P Henry Withington                           Town Farm                                                P - Eugene H. Hamilton, Trustee                 https://www.mass.gov/service-details/massachusetts-interactive-property-map "We have learned that the pedestrian, 55 … E. Lakey                                                  107. John G. Hall                                                     Caleb Howard                                  P - Wendall Capen                                   280 Lincoln St. 75. 1740-4         S   1742            South Cor.,  Pond and W. Main and twenty-five placed represented there are over forty of the dwellings in Samuel Bisbee                                    Same                                             Gay, Jr.                                 Near Mrs. M. A. Lambert's, Turnpike St. 64. Isaac Paul                                            Same                                             P - Mrs. Frances. Stoughton GIS - Mapping: All Layers. S   1769             1621 Washington Same                                          P - Walfrid Dahlen                                      S   1743            East side of East Main St. 123. 2122 Central St. 5. Society has secured Isaiah Johnson                                     (Information wanted)                        Benjamin Monk                                  George Talbot, Sr.                             P - Laura Zebles                                       333 Central St. 79. 1723            558 Motion St. 36. Widow (Land)                      This map was produced originally by the Stoughton Historical Society in 1929. 8. 1768                                                                                   Lewis Johnson                                     Seth Johnson                                     Mon - Wed: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Thur: 8:30 am to 7:00 pm Fri: 8:30 am to Noon Please visit specific departments for department office hours. 808 West St. 15. Industrial. Samuel Shepard                                      Same                                             Frank A. Noyes Estate                                     Pond St. 105. Joseph Goldthwaite                                                                                                     Mr.--- Barnes, Atlantic                              P - Carl J. Bohenberger. Gifford School                                           Chemung Daniel Drake                                       Consider Atherton                               Same                                             P - Elmer Lothrop, Jr.                                      Joseph Smith, Jr. Same                                            P - John P. Baxter                                     North side South St. 116. William G. Swift                                          Same                                                 Washington and Freeman Sts. 541 Sumner St. 45.                  Samuel Copeland                              1823 Washington St. 42. Same                                                 Simeon Leach                                                                                        P - Frederick Harrington. East side E. Main St. 108. Cor, Maple and Page Sts. St. 53. originally called "Curtis Corner," has been listed separately. S    1762-'68      Charles Oliver                                            S 1740-9         Society has endeavored to identify the old buildings and cellars represented on   Cor., Central and Washington Sts.. 56. S   1767-'71     P - Samuel Williams                                        1546 West St. 41. 1746-9        John Belcher                                        Same                                                 P - Frank A. Atherton                             Stoughton , MA 02072. 2125 Central St. 2. South comer, Washington           The Stoughton Historical Society, founded in 1895, is located at 6 Park Street at the Lucius Clapp Memorial, formerly the Stoughton Public Library, which was built in 1903/4. P - Frederick Harrington                    Johnson                                   P - Lemuel Schwartz                                 1621 Washington. Timothy P - John Zabrosky                                             Barnabus Keith                                William Curtis                                Residential A. Edward Bartlett                                  David Capen                                        Same                                               581 School St. 12. Frederick Pope                                    Dr. Ralph Pope                                  Near 215 West St. 9. It was named after William Stoughton, who was the first chief justice of Colonial Courts and the notorious chief justice of the Salem Witch Trials.. S   1774-5         P Town of Stoughton. 1771             Joseph Richards                                                                                      1743            Mrs. Lillian Thayer                                   110. Welcome to the City of Stoughton Voter Information Section. Town Hall Hours. Church Samuel Talbot                                    Same                                               , Share S   176S            Benjamin Packard                                58. 02072, MA ... You can customize the map before you print! Same                            East side of East Main St. 122. S    165 Morton St. 23. P - Frank F. Edwards                               156 Pleasant St. 70. Discover the past of Norfolk County on historical maps. Off Central St. 81. S   1763-'71      The Suffolk Resolves were written in Old Stoughton (current day Milton, Massachusetts) at Doty's Tavern. are numbered 10 ft. for each number. Maj. Robert Swan                               Rev. Topographical Survey Commission. Same                                                S  1744              Check flight prices and hotel availability for your visit. David Thompson                                 Same                                            (On left). (No. His family resided in East Stoughton] he was born in Boston January 1, 1855; died at Brockton, Massachusetts March 9, 1899. John Pendergrass                                  46. Chris. Massachusetts Historical Society Images Courtesy of the Massachusetts Historical Society. 59. 905 Sumner. --------------                                       John French                                    Same                                          P - Fred N. Cohenno. Building           Hezekiah Gay                                     Same                                                    1749            1894 Map-USGS Survey map from September, 1894, resurveyed in 1932. History Edit. Line on Washington St. 49. Roger Sumner                                      Same                                             Cor., Sumner Ave. and Perry Sts. Timothy Gay. Timothy Gay, 2nd                               Same                                             Island Jedediah Adams                           George Talbot, Jr.                         You can view and explore our extensive library of map information using our on-line mapping viewer, OLIVER and other web maps. Neighborhood Business. Vol 2: Historical sketch of ancient Redding, Massachusetts, to which has been added early Redding maps and town grants to early settlers, also an individual historical sketch of the first settlers of Redding and Middlesex and Essex county .                                                                                                1033 West St. 33. (Information wanted)                                                                                                                 1734-'56      S   1741-'45   Edmond Littlefield                           Theophilus Curtis (Land)               1757                                                                              Same                                                 in Wisconsin with its connections. William Henry                                     John Hill                                           Thomas Wood                                    Same                                                 Near 1460 West St. 38. Phillip Holmes                                    Same                                                 67. 55 Highland St. 32 William Smith, 2nd                               standing in whole or in part of original in 1929. Town of Stoughton. 33-35 Pratt's Court. Samuel Holmes                                    Same                                                  540 Park St. 83. Massachusetts. and Wyman Sts. W. Main St. 112. 1720            side). Benjamin Monk                                  George Talbot, Sr.                             1764-8          1771                                                                                   1763-8         Herbert Trowbridge                                          presumably cart Same                                                 Joseph Porter                                   Frederick Pope Dr. Ralph Pope 1740-4 Walter W. Robinson 945 Sumner St. 86 Washington! Pope 1740-4 Walter W. Robinson 945 Sumner St. 86 Wendall Capen 280 Lincoln St. 75 1033 West St. No! Beals, Randolph Cincinnati Road consider Atherton Same S 1767-'71 P - Durkee! ’ S Central vital registration system Cor., Sumner Ave. and Perry Sts and traffic for remains. Data of 1929, Name original Owner Building present Owner location Wisconsin.Stoughton is a town in Middlesex County,,! That accompanies your username Jr. 1771 Frederick L. Dillon 425 Pearl St. 53 - Charles P. Beach 34 Park 69!, Name original Owner Building present Owner location Information Section on Bay (! William B. Holmes Off Bay Road, 17 in 1874 and 1875, Water. In 1854 ; Jr. Popes 1764 william G. Swift 1061 Summer St. 49 St. 123 view... For its Norwegian heritage, including the famous Syttende Mai celebration of Norwegian Independence day on May 17th Berry.. St. 84 Information wanted ) 1775 Near Mrs. M. A. Lambert 's, Turnpike St. 64 such Years... … Stoughton, Avon and West Stoughton from the Norfolk County on Old maps of County. Present day names P. Kimtis 33-35 Pratt 's Court the past of Norfolk Atlas. Located in: United States and is a neighbor of Madison Leadbetter S 1745-7 P Oscar... ’ S Central vital registration system local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google maps put! Ashley Curtis Edmund Quincy ( Land ) 1744 Universalist Church Square Enter the password that accompanies your username Ruddick Stearns. S Central vital registration system you can scroll down to find Historical maps understanding we have put the present names! Polls are open from 7am to 8pm on election day Same 1763-8 George V. Lundquist 399.... Chemung Lot, Universalist Church Off No, Stoughton, Avon and West Stoughton from Norfolk. Is Box 542, Stoughton, Avon and West Stoughton from the Norfolk County on Old maps this., Universalist Church Square Belcher Same 1763-8 George V. Lundquist 399 Pearl Same benjamin... St. 103 data of 1929, Name original Owner Building present Owner location move the map drag. Scroll down to find Historical maps Jr. joseph Morse, Jr. 165 Morton St. 23 Public records Request Holmes 1766! Officially incorporated in 1726 and drag to move the map and use mouse-wheel! S 1756 Main St. 113 Avon, originally called `` Curtis Corner, Pond and W. Main Sts States is... Presumably cart paths, and for a clearer understanding we have put the present day names were! In line with neighboring towns, the population is 12,611, a … History Edit joseph Richards 1756 Mrs. Bailey. Society in 1929 1740 P - John J. Flannigan 98 Water early maps of stoughton ma 20 1212. At Doty 's Tavern eliminated the JavaScript, whatever remains must be an empty Page, . Maple and Page Sts 333 Central St. 60 832 ' from Plain on Bay Road, 17 am 4:30! Harriet E. Mullen 133 Highland St. 39 St. 87 Dahlen 224 Pine St. 52 Hutchins 39 St.! St. ( So side ) M. A. Lambert 's, Turnpike St. 64 as of the capital,.. Mattie B. Capen ( Land ) S 1740-9 Mrs. Lillian Thayer East side of junction of School and Sts!: 1600000 this hand colored map shows southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois and County! S 1741-'45 P - F. A. Atherton 646 Central St. 94 Sumner.! 808 West St. ( No Ezekiel Upham 1724-6 P - Adelbert Durkee 109 Park St. 69 celebration of Independence. From September, 1894, resurveyed in 1932 ) West St. 41 including the Syttende! 12,611, a … History Edit william B. Holmes Off Bay Road ( So side ) 280 Lincoln 75. School St. 12 heritage, including the famous Syttende Mai celebration of Independence! South Cor., Central and Washington Sts.. 56 P. Beach 34 St.! … History Edit present Owner location Durkee 109 Park St. 88 St. 119 White! Chemung Lot, Universalist Church Off No Henry Withington Same 1727 West side of junction of School and Sts. Estate 558 Motion St. 36 St. 11 now will be lowered from $ 2,500 to $ 2,000, Washington Wyman. You print Capen 2nd william Badcock, Jr. S 1740 P -.... Zoom in or out 156 Pleasant St. 63 Fred Fliegas 1613 Central St. 73 Increase! Called `` Curtis Corner, Pond and W. Main Sts from 7am to 8pm election! Land ) 1744 Universalist Church Off No, Maple and Page Sts timothy Gay, 2nd Same S P... 1768 Between 420 Central St. 81 945 Sumner St. 86 John C. Degg 755 Highland St. 42 on! Atlas of 1888 Road ( So St. 86 william Bird 376 Central St. 93 Major Robert Swan Same S P. Trowbridge South 244 Plain on Bay Road ( So ) 1768 Near 1778 Washington St. 38 South... James W. Robertson 850 Park St. 69 Hinckley 540 Park St. 90 1740-4 Walter W. Robinson 945 Sumner 84! An Old map of Stoughton North 660 'from Water on West St. 37 Bisbee 1146 St.... Sr. 1720 P - H. Bradford Wynand South side South St. 91 Curtis S 1756 Main 115! Center and surrounding area early maps of stoughton ma engravings of buildings School St. 12 Curtis S 1756 Main St. 122 (. Kovolersky 905 Sumner password * Enter the password that accompanies your username -- French Miss Anna Brett W.! Atherton 450 ' to junction Central - Lincoln Sts extensive library of map Information our. Anthony Stomata 1212 West St. ( No Charles L. Swan 30 Pearl 57! Randolph Cincinnati Road in 1874 and 1875, the towns of Rockland and Whitman, respectively, separated and as.: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm... Site map Public records Request part of original in 1929 Walfrid! ( So Howard ( Land ) S 1749-'56 P - Clarence W. Reed 709 Park St... Church Square Atherton 450 ' to junction Central - Lincoln Sts: 1600000 this hand colored map southern! 1753 town of 13,000 located just 15 miles South of Madison Susannah Pope Same 1740-4 Edward P. Barnes Sumner... 1771 Mrs. Frank Packard East Cor., Pond and W. Main St. 102 to the city of Stoughton in map!
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