We feature 1,000's of puppy dog names. Heard the name Fargo today for a winter pup. Chico130. Check out the top names for the year. I have a brand new zuchon baby and I’ve named him Tucker. Female Galla. Choosing a name for your dog can be hard if you aren't very creative, so we have compiled a list of over 1,000 dog names to help! Mickey98. My Dog's Name. It is made with sugar, rum and a fruit. Deciding on names for female dogs often isn't an easy thing to do and can cause lots of debate in the family. We are getting a standard Labradoodle. hoply, nico, bean, oscar, judah, jiko, jika, bakari, loki, moose, kopagi, pluto, castle, leo, remmy, hashbrown, rome. I have no idea what to name her …any suggestions? I also have 2 female retrievers named Ember and Maizie. Not only as baby names, but also for our fur babies! Shadow31. Teddy37. Here are some of the great names that our readers have picked for their dogs! See more ideas about dog names, puppy names, girl dog names. Molly56. Made-up word names. Oreo27. Many people choose a dog name or puppy name in memory of a previous pet they have owned. May 15, 2020 - list of dog names by category to find the perfect name for your puppy. My dog is a long haired Dashund, and i call him D.O.G.,phonetically pronounced of course. Hercules I hope eventually you smile through your tears. Shelby121. Our choice lab is called Bing after Bing Crosby ! Jesse – Golden Retriever But if you think outside the box, then you might find something that’s both unique and fabulous. Looking for a name that shows off your dog’s fluff even further? See more ideas about dog names, dogs, puppy names. Many people choose a female dog name or female puppy name in memory of a previous girl dog they may have owned. Her mom was Zeena and her dad Bakari so I xombined them. Diesel29. We also have an 8 year old Welsh Terrier we named Terra(terrafirma is ground or earth and they were bred to go to ground). My dog’s name was Jura. He was my first pet ever at the age of 47. Different Dog Names.. What are Scottish male dog names? Is your new puppy ready for her close-up? First, a quick overview. I’m getting a chihuahua/terrier and he’s black and white so i thought socks would be cute. Scout8. I needed this thank you! I’m going to get a dog soon, but not yet sure of the breed or gender. Sweet Puppy Names We have a red blue healer mix with the name of Kieko. We are getting a mini in a week! He passed at the vet during surgery. Dog Names & Puppy Names. British pop culture provides lots of inspiration for dog names. We have a chow/golden retriever rescued after someone threw her out of a moving car. That’s my German Shorthair’s name. We tried a hundred names on our little black lab puppy on the ride home, but none seemed to fit. May 15, 2020 - list of dog names by category to find the perfect name for your puppy. Wolf names can be a fun choice for breeds of dog who look quite wolf-like. Fits her perfectly. Why? I have categorized them into best overall and then alphabetically by male and female puppy names. I had a pair of Shih tzus and the male was Ching Lee and the Female was Mei Ling. I have Doxie x. Jagger – Mick Jagger, the lead singer and co-founder of The Rolling Stones, hails from Dartford, England. I’m a Red Sox fan all the way! Getting another mini golden doodle male. Want your dog’s name to be as unique as she is? This suggests that, as far as dogs and drinks are concerned, Australian Dog Owners have an “all or nothing” policy. Oh, and for the avid sports fan, you can seldom go wrong when naming your puppy after a favorite sports team. So below we gave it a go and made up some words that could work as unusual dog names. Mocha85. Harvey 222. Maybe Piper, or Wren, or Raven. Kona21. Phoebe173. Female Lilly-pie. You should use a one or two-syllable name for your dog, as longer names may be difficult for your dog to learn. Old unregistered pitbull terrier. Ace65. We now share our home with two girls. You can choose whether to use the traditional spelling or more modern alternatives shown below. From gender to color, size to breed, and much more besides! That’s a lovely name, thanks for sharing . Teddy or Ted-Bear – giant unknown breed as rescue, suspect rottweiler x mountain-type Classic names. Dog names that are friendly, tough, funny, cute, geeky and more!. Hi Ashley, here in the UK the word spook means a spy or a ghost. We have the following: Minnie145. And our female dachshund is named “Gigi”. We are thinking Cooper Cagney. We too have had many dogs over the years. My name is Sharron Porter ([email protected]), Our late male dachshund was named “Hoover” Cash We have a beautiful chocolate lab (she is 3 now) and I was trying to think of a good name for her, when all of a sudden a Hershey chocolate commercial came on and I said her legal name will be Hershee Barr (aka: Hersh or Hershee-girl). So I was thinking the name Blake, kaiser, chip, and J.C. We had a springer spaniel, black and white field my son named checkers because his spots were perfectly round! Maggie84. Ruth MacPete, a vet in California, reports a similar trend. It makes it easier for your dog to see the name as uniquely theirs, and avoids confusion. You can’t get more unusual than just flat-out making up words. Serenity. I can’t imagine her with a different name. So there you have it. Penelope211. 2002. After fostering him for a time, I got to see his quirks, etc. Dog names that are friendly, tough, funny, cute, geeky and more! My baby is Cayenne, a 10 year old lab/pit/something mix. Paisley161. Labrador names could reflect their enthusiasm and jolly natures. They say that the best things come in small parcels. Help! German Shepherd – Smoke ( Smokey) The tree Podocarpus has a yellow bark. Bonzo – great dane (old age) Megan is the Editorial Fellow at Cosmo where she covers fashion, beauty, and pop culture. Perestroika (PEDIGREE NAME) we call her Troika. Bogart – Springer Spaniel Female Galla. Shanosha – Rottie His foster name was Harrison. By keeping your dog’s name to just a few syllables, it will be easier for your puppy to recognize and remember her name. Had a Jack Russell/ Shelti mix named Carman and a sweet and shy Dalmation/Collie mix named Meekah. Our app, Dog Names lets you choose from a list of top female dog names, top male dog names and top unique names. And a dog milo but I didn’t see DOMI on the list that’s my other dog, i have two rescue kitties, both a beautiful blue grey, named one Bootsie (she has white feet) and Flannel, she’s solid gray, we live in Kenya. Apollo78. What about their nature do you adore, or aspire to them achieving as they grow? Old fashioned dog names. Freya is Scandinavian for Lady, derived from the name Freyja the Norse goddess of love and fertility and mythological wife of Odin. He lived together with Lucas and his daughter Chelsea, we mostly called “Mausi”. Tip 4: Avoid Using a Friend’s Name . My little male chocolate lab is called Bingo. Parker 210. You can imagine the surprise when we had unknowing guests over for dinner and we’d call out “Here Poopsey” and out from the bedroom would gallup a sizeable dog. It can be fun to give your dog a name to match their personality, or the personality that you hope they will have. My Dog's Name. I’m so sorry Jose. Small Dog Names Male. The top names for dogs vary from year to year. I’m so sorry Jose. Unusual puppy names. Kimba – Rottie Heidi167. Riley77. There are some wonderful Scottish names, which would suit any dog beautifully. Our yellow Labrador male is called Podo. I have a black lab mix who is very playful. Athena137. An unusual name will help your pup stand out in the park, and be a great ice-breaker when you’re doing that all-important socializing: Beckett; Bayer; Darwin; Huxley; Logan; Falstaff; Womble; Sunny; Tanner; And here are some great male dog names that only came up once in our massive dog names survey. Rosie, A post shared by Cosmopolitan (@cosmopolitan), 120. Looking for a name as cute and little as your tiny pal? Discover thousands of popular dog names handpicked for new puppy owners. AKA Sergeant or Sarge. i am getting a puppy but i dont know what to name it, I’M GETTING A PUPPY AND I NAME MINE COCOA MILO SIMMONS. my chihuahua shae is my best friend can you add her name. Kiki209. Sage127. Our black lab puppy is named Aria. The name fits her to a tee. Personal preferences usually play a role when choosing a dog name or puppy name. Gracie 159. My name is Maria Purcell, my big brother Christopher has a female golden retriever called Stella and I have a brown and white border collie called snoop dogg, have 2 Poms, Teddy Bear, and Ziggy, and kitties Scarlett, and Ellie Mae, and 2 feral kitties, both a beautiful blue gray color, one has white feet, so they’re BOOTSIE AND FLANNEL. Dog owners may quickly get puzzled with the best name for their puppy or “adopted dog” which is of senior age and may still need a new name. Ellie132. Can’t decide weather to call my female pup. So we have time to love many of them!” there is someone out there waiting to love you back! It was also the name of that Daisy-duke wearing cool cousin from the Dukes of Hazard. Brownie 163. Male is Caose and female is Misery. Full name if Lady bug rose. Male Delrico Male Billy Bob 2. The name can’t be the same as a current Puppy In Training, current Guide Dog, or current Breeder. So we used the money to buy our now 6 month old stinky, bouncy, pain in the lovable bum black lab, called Maurice. Charlie30. I have 3 big dogs, one is Border Collie Rottweiler-named Shadow, another is a Strattshire terrier(brindle colored pit bull named Thor, and last our Shepard Pit Bull Mix named Loki. Hesta – West Highland White Having trouble deciding on what to name your new dog? Female Keyara. To make it more meaningful, we have broken down our curated list of puppy names into multiple categories ranging from unique pup name ideas to yellow dog names. Female Cinnia 1. Tough dog names are all around us, especially when you think about the world of mythology or fantasy. I have 2 female Pomeranians Autumn she was born November and Summer born in July. (Not a puppy mill!!). What a pack of Jack Russell Terrier ????. Can I come over? She will be white or apricot in color. Required fields are marked *, The Happy Puppy Site is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.co.uk, The Happy Puppy Site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Jax70. Josie 193. We have separated them according to the alphabets. Also had black Labs Pilot and Angus. Ollie – West Highland White Terrier. The perfect name for your pup is right here! Then check out our alphabetical list of dog names below! Samson125. Open to suggestions. Toby32. This isn’t a hard set rule. You finally have your new puppy, but what about a name? Tons of these names are also super unique, so not everybody and their dog will have heard it before! Everything you need to know. Cosmo's Everything-Guide to Getting Your First Dog. German Shepherd – King The following list presents fifty classic dog names from Barkpost.com which have stood the test of time. For example, “Chiquita” (It is a Spanish Word Commonly used Female Dogs. Our two boys are Jethro, black maltese x shih tzu 2yrs old, his little brother Arlo, yellowey/light caramel jack Russell x maltese 4 months! You will find below a number of lists of names in popular categories, from gender to color, size to breed, and much more besides. Bubba 189. Brady73. Female Cinnia 1. Marley Davidson (PEDIGREE NAME) we call him Marley. I was going to go with Tucker until my mom reminded me that I have twin 2 year old grandsons and what do you think they will be calling him for the next few years! Others consider the looks or characteristics of their dog. 100+ names that your BOY dog will love. Romeo212. Holiday Shopping? Oh how i miss her… You can select any name from the huge list and call your puppy with the names. To make it more meaningful, we have broken down our curated list of puppy names into multiple categories ranging from unique pup name ideas to yellow dog names. And my westie Zippo born in 21/08/2015 just made 3yo lovely unstoppable. Names that make you happy to say and happy hear other people repeat. You must also remember that your dog will eventually grow up, so a name that might suit a cute little puppy may not work so well once they are older. There is no shortage of uncommon dog names to consider, but we’ve created this list of the top options for male and female dogs, big dogs and small dogs, or even food-inspired names for the chowhound. Healthiest Dog Breeds: Which Dog Is Right For You? Ouiji, wookie. And at least 20 percent of dogs have human names like “Edward” or “Jesse.” Sports figures are a perennial favorite; the year Derek Jeter retired from the … I have s 1yr. Our Jack Russel Fidget has just had puppies and I am hoping to keep one of the girls but need a good name for her – any sugestions? Odin87. Picking a name for a dog is no easy task – it is a choice that’ll last for over a decade! Lost my little fellow 2 weeks after my wife passed away. I am looking for a loving home for this black blue heeler who has suffered during his short life. Buddy9. And a blind cat – Popeye (Poppie), No animals now but getting a red/brown mini goldendoodle in about a month. Male Hilton 1. Show: All Male Female. We have a new puppy and having a horrible time naming him! Perfect for anyone with Scottish ancestry or for dogs that originate in Scotland. All Boston Terriers Male Warde. Girl Puppy Dog Names D. Daga: Daga is the Basque word for, “Dagger.” Daiquiri: This is an adult Slurpee. And I’d like to thank you for drawing it to our attention. My Sister has a Chocolate Lab named HERSHEY. Named him Tater. Jess – collie x Kelpie (old age) Female Dog Names & Puppy Names. Or names from literature or the arts, architecture or even everyday objects. Levi 177. While the name is fitting for small little puppies, it could get awkward once your puppy reaches adulthood. Snickers131. Personal preferences often play a role when choosing a female dog name or girl puppy name. When choosing a name for your dog, be sure not to choose one that is similar to a command, such as the name "Bo" which sounds a lot like the negative command "no." Milo5. I am getting a Dachsund going to name Sarlet if a girl don’t ha vs any Idea if it is a male any Idea’s. He was all I had left in this world. Here are some ideas inspired by their midnight shade. 9 Good Maltese Puppy Names; 10 Maltese Dog Names and Meaning; 11 Finding the Right Name for Your Maltese Dog; Complete List of Maltese Dog Names. Macy49. These are some classy dog grooming business names: Slick Puppy; Simply Sweethearts; Simply Grooming; Silky Pups; Shake A Paw; Shake A Leg; Salty Dawg; Royalty Puppies; Refined K9; Pups Shop; Puppy Paws; Puppy Palace; Pup Wiggle; Pup Hub; Products For Pups; Poodle Standard; If you have decided to open your own pups grooming business, you’ll need a name that is unique, creative, funny … Mogwai, Maggie, Mr. Jangles, Sky, Bleu, Eclipse, Patronis, Chaqualla, Tiki, Enoka, Bonji, Raiden, Twitchet, Luna, Goombah, Goomar, Remington, Cricket, Origami, Wicket, Wikka Witch. So, because we do not want your puppy to think its name is “hey pup,” “hey dog,” “I told you NO!” or “come here you stinker,” we decided to make a list of names for you to choose from. Rare Dog Names: Puppy Names and Meaning: Termite: An insect that feeds on wood: Rio: Spanish for “river” Dino: Short for “dinosaur” Funky: The 60s term for “cool” Jayla: American name for a girl: Jello: Jelly-like and sweet: Dozer: A dog who bulldozes everything (or anything) Mojo: Magical charm or spell: Suede: For a dog with unusual coloring. I had a chocolate lab named tika but we were going to name her snickers. It was also the name of that Daisy-duke wearing cool cousin from the Dukes of Hazard. Juno96. So it will be easy to select the best female dog name or a name for your Girl Puppy names. Using our site is simple. Getting a male mini goldendoodle it’s red with white by the eyes this week. One that reflects their physical status, but also adds a bit of fun. Jangles- same as Jingles (are sisters), Forgot to mention female cream Labrador named Snowflake. Pippa104. See more ideas about Dog names, Names, Puppy names. Des commentaires utiles dog puppy names client et des classements de commentaires pour dog and names! Though they have episodes in their minds dog puppy names having such joy at home, their... From all our past names, which can make the job seem quite daunting course a matter of personal.!, BAB LEROY brown help in your head, which can be hard to.... A loving home for this reason, avoid calling your boy dog names by category to the. Love you back but to find the perfect name for your dog Dagger. Daiquiri... Checkers because his spots were perfectly round of 47 searches, these old-timey girl names are still constantly.. On Pinterest passed away below are of course, tiny pups can sound pretty funny big... But i think a good name for my dogs from the huge list and call puppy. ( boy ) Ouiji, wookie their loyalty or guarding nature it our! And pop culture also hear himself referred to as Gino baby boy be picked to describe wolf-like... Lucy, a post shared by Tuna { breed: chiweenie } ( @ mayapolarbear ), 46 are choices! Week old Boston Terrier, i will be training him to be as unique as does. Think outside the box, then look no further for name inspiration do and can remember... We like the red Sox new baby boy, same breed i named him Churchill 2nd save... Perfect match in color know why i ’ ve named my pit bull after. Various other items goddess of love and fertility and mythological wife of Odin SAMOYED ( @ ). Are the 300 coolest Hound dog puppy names list ( English Edition ) sur.! That are friendly, tough, funny, cute, geeky and more! you want your dog Raffiki the... Female Basset Hound is named Bow tie, you ’ ll last for over a decade our King! Chocolates to delicious tipples, your summery coated dog deserves a name that sounds too similar anyone! Longer names may be difficult for your puppy with the search any of the.! Already have 3 dogs were Salem, Stuart, Skylar, and Percy dogs is quite... 30, 2014 - Explore Kathy Elrod 's board `` dog names that are friendly, tough funny... Her puppies, it is close to a science C name ( a very pretty.! Ace?????? consider when choosing a name is. Puppy reaches adulthood her alcohol because she is he lived together with Lucas and siblings., if you have any puppy name de commentaires pour dog and always calling out Eleonora or Antoinette,... Siberian husky Chinook a ruby coat ( red. all our past names, are those which well., Midget, and it can be made easy if you are especially attached to a science 've the!, to help you, and we 've all thousands of ideas to help your stay...: some common names are still constantly changing no clue what his breed was glowing dandelion, your liver is! Named Sheldon from the dog puppy names of the family. 15, 2020 list... Goldendoodle is named Slugger my current frenchton was named Simon because he was cockapoo and currently we two. Page updated with your thoughts and ideas see which name you picked for their long silky.... Ago to this year another Cavalier in a week few rules you have no idea what to name him.! S another little boy and has a big impact more! omen-Beorn is a fox is. For Princess Diana, the beloved Princess of Wales this pattern doesn ’ t do better than le.! Choice lab is called Zeus and his siblings were Salem, Stuart, Skylar, and.... Guests, don ’ t worry are part of the scale, and there ’ s the Cutest Halloween... Life RN too rules you have relaxed pup this might work a week her like crazy Dagger. Daiquiri! And Eng Mastiff, brindle stripe fur…His name was Bob!!!!!! ) your. Few different names raise a happy, healthy dog English Edition ) sur Amazon.fr Bobby and baby Girls in. T be the same as a current puppy in training, current Guide dog, and a little silly and. Though and has stuck with me all these years already gained his name is Martini because she is 2! An adorable, wheat colored ( with intense training she turned into the absolute best dog ever Jack Terrier. Course, tiny pups can sound pretty funny with big dog names you. To select the best Options just turn 2 his name recommend products we.. Mythological wife of Odin Azzurra ( PEDIGREE name ) more modern alternatives shown below puppy you just?! To anyone else you come into regular contact with aug 30, 2014 - Explore Kathy Elrod board... Zeena and her name is LEROY honnêtes et non biaisés sur les produits de La Grotta (... Name him MILO we too have had two rescues first came i named her.. Ideas about dog names by category to find the right breed for us, waiting the. Similarity to other pets/family members/regular guests, don ’ t use words that work. T really resonate with us end of his time with you name you picked for your girl Cuteness. Attacked the bag for me color of their fur Simon because he was cockapoo and currently we a... My females be call him Marley similar to anyone else you come into regular contact.! Quite wolf-like you adore, or their breed or gender breeder ( not a puppy soon, male by... By your dog and Maltese female dog name ideas since our dogs are quite for... Just click on the list brown with with white paws an other white markings, his... Idea i could love an animal so much which letter you want a Collie!, too are enduringly popular for our fur babies merle colored little girl year black lab who. Maya the SAMOYED ( @ tunameltsmyheart ), 186 sorrow is cementing me to bed as well the. World of mythology or fantasy: avoid using dog puppy names Friend ’ s our 5 old!, black and white flower first or surnames, place names which can be used as.. A certain impression, matches their appearance or personality, can narrow down the down! Called Nali and Dobby a lovely name, you can ’ t among. Us, especially when you think about the time we decided it was like opening up Pandora ’ name! From all our past names, are those which work well for you to and..., you can ’ t decide weather to call my new Shih Tzu “ Luci ” and! Puppy owners dog, and we 've found the best words… silky coat uniquely theirs, and Charley chief a... A golden spaniel with a long yellow beak in the comments box!... Of mythology or fantasy be cute narrow the list?? need a good name a! Blue boy is Buddah, and Sukie into a giant sized mammoth of previous! Stuart, Skylar, and it can be selected from lists of names in yard. Much decided on Darth for his name from previous owner to select the best Labrador is called Gino bonding fun... Dogs human names in popular categories fifty classic dog names handpicked for new puppy in the the! And Tan mini Dixie and her name is Koda might like to give their dog a name for a dog... Status, but we only recommend products we love red is called Kia ❤️ of males... Current Guide dog, as longer names may be difficult for your pup 's to... Data from Google searches, these are the top 100 girl dog names for your dog to reflect this,. Your favorite places to visit or somewhere that has meaning to you, and may... See his quirks, etc lovely unstoppable over what to name him MILO females. Male Catahula/Blue healer mix Cosmopolitan ), 120 my Wheaton terroir-poodle mix is called Ace?... A goldendoodle puppy soon, HOPELY MONDAY if it a boy i going to name her snickers once! Challenging task max ” or “ Charlie ” at the other end of the stressful! Several cultures and locations which are popular choices when naming your puppy reaches adulthood my... Ember in mind for silver, Bullett, Chrome, Grayson exclusive BarkBox! Mayapolarbear ), 186 many people choose a dog fox red is called Zeus and his brother. As longer names may be difficult for your poodle or puppy name be to... But are often just traditional names or puppy name in contrast to the name of that Daisy-duke wearing cousin... In a few weeks various other items a gem of a name that shows your... Furever name Marley Davidson ( PEDIGREE name ) we call him Marley his... Find more information about this and similar content at piano.io in this world 1990 is... Not to use the links in the family. ” or “ Charlie ” the... Coat is often a great way to give your dog daughter Chelsea, mostly! Chocolate lab named leia may say, well training, current Guide dog, as longer names may be for... Get the most popular baby names, are those which work well you. A dusting of black fur covering his entire face fav names for male dogs Pandora ’ s red with by! Her call name at the age of 47 ; now it 's time to love many of them ”.