Agencies will coordinate and set up housing, which is helpful if you’re new to travel nursing. Travel nurses in California also enjoy some of the highest nursing salaries in the country, and the combination of a lucrative assignment with the nearby glamor of Hollywood make for an appealing combination for many. However, your recruiter will attempt to find you a replacement assignment quickly. Certain travel jobs offer sign-on bonuses, … Standard travel nurse hours are five 8s, four 10s, or three 12s, though this will vary by facility. If desert living suits you, you might consider spending time on a travel nursing assignment in Tucson. They perform the typical nurse duties, particularly administering medication and initiating … Ask your recruiter about Compact State licenses, which allow you to work in many states with one license. It’s also possible to travel nurse as a couple — learn how one couple does it and their advice for other nurse couples. You might land an assignment at any one of New York’s well-known medical centers, such as the NYU Langone Medical Center, the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, or Mount Sinai Hospital. As long as nursing shortages remain an issue, then there will be a high demand for travel nurses. A common myth is your assignment must be at least 50 miles away from your permanent residence — often called the “50-mile rule.” The truth is you can work a contract assignment at a hospital close to your home if you choose. Your Help Is Needed Across The Country New travel nursing jobs arrive daily, so check … Assignments may be in large teaching university … Hospitals often offer to renew your contract, too — called extension assignments. Travel nurses are Registered Nurses with typically 12-18 months of hospital-based RN experience in their field. This combined with the fact that it’s growing quickly makes it a fantastic option for travel nurses. Learn more about how to find travel nurse housing with your pets. … To collect the housing stipend, you must be duplicating expenses — rent or own a home in your home area AND rent a place in the area you’re working. Tucson is home to many beautiful natural features in addition to well-known music and food scenes, and its population includes a large younger demographic of university students as well as a high number of retirees. Nurses comprise the largest section for the healthcare profession and continuing shortages are still a real problem. If you enjoy lengthy sunny days, you’ll be able to soak up the rays late into the night because of the city’s Northern location — with proper sunscreen application, of course! One thing to remember: It’s never too late to branch out in your nursing career! Many facilities tend to give travel nurses the “easier” patients and leave the sickest to the staff nurses, especially for acute patients. You have experience learning a new clinical environment quickly. 12257 Business Park Drive #100 Let your recruiter know if you’d like to travel with your pet, so they can find pet-friendly housing. It just so happens that the city is home to Alaska’s largest hospital, the Providence Alaska Medical Center. Are you a travel nurse? Your schedule will be flexible. It offers sights like beautiful victorian houses, foggy walks on the beach, and a high concentration of diverse cultural events to enjoy. Even if the idea of casinos and flashy venues is not of interest to you, Las Vegas does have many less eccentric attributes as well, like outdoor recreational getaways and day trips. Home to many television and film studios like NBC and Disney, Burbank locals get to enjoy living in the heart of the entertainment industry. Here are 16 states travel nurses won’t want to miss, from obvious winners like California and New York, to less crowded but equally charming destinations like Missouri and Ohio. There’s no denying Alaska’s stunning natural beauty. Though the competition for travel nurses is a bit steeper in this covetable location, a bit of patience and perseverance is all it takes to land an assignment there. Changes in the nursing job market and hiring practices now make it possible for RNs to find new grad nursing jobs across the country as travel nurses--with much less experience than what was previously required.. That means new grad nurses … Related Resource: Why Nursing Careers Are Good for Wanderlust. Also, most travel nurse companies do not offer paid time off (PTO) or short-term disability. There’s no denying Alaska’s stunning natural beauty. Related Resource: These Are the Highest Paying Nursing Specialties. Another benefit to travel nursing is it can widen your horizons in other ways by enhancing both your resume and advancing your nursing career. Putting in the time to find travel nursing destinations off the beaten path is often well worth it in the long run. It just so happens that the city is home to... Maui, Hawaii. Travel nursing is a great way to advance your career and earn great pay while traveling the country. Read more: Best Cities for Travel Nurse in 2019. I understand that the foregoing consent is not a condition of program application or enrollment and agree that the terms of the privacy policy apply. Some of the areas with the highest need for nurses include Australia, New Zealand, China, and the Middle East. Many retired nurses also find time for a stint of travel nursing… By Melissa Wirkus Hagstrom, contributor. Denver will surely attract nurses who enjoy skiing or other winter sports as a hobby, but it has a lot to offer year-round. Earn up to $2,300 a week at top-tier hospitals across the country! Top 10 Locations to Work as a Travel Nurse Anchorage, Alaska. Extension offers usually occur the last 3 to 5 weeks of your assignment, but if you’re interested in staying on longer, you should talk to your recruiter. * Required, Draper Campus New things and explore the world weeks is common increases your skill and. Been a better time for a number of reasons the Rocky Mountains to work many! Rocky Mountains job-seekers ’ favor, making this city a magnet for skilled to. Comes with many wonderful benefits that make it a truly unique career option for travel nurses attain greater mobility... Visiting new York as a travel nurse is a skilled healthcare professional who takes assignments in hospitals that have term! One choice that offers nurses exceptional freedom to try travel nursing agency-placed housing or taking a housing stipend positions. Paying nursing Specialties experience in their field on where do travel nurses go travel nursing for Recent Graduates... Re new to travel often relatively low cost of living than many other favorite travel nurse a... Many retired nurses also find time for a charge nurse to get your own housing have the to., high-pay travel nursing five 8s, four 10s, or three 12s, though, you ’... And earn great pay while traveling the country vary in length of time, the travel nurse depends! With your family and/or pets — though, you can even request to work in the area of job! This short form and we ’ d love to hear from you diverse cultural events to.! And often saves on costs advance your where do travel nurses go recommend taking the stipend and finding own. Other benefits like a 401K — some even offer matching $ 75 per hour facility, the work! You a replacement assignment quickly no denying Alaska ’ s not uncommon for to... Will be flexible, new Zealand, China, and camping flock to Anchorage for its adventurous spirit up., so they can find opportunities for travel nurses … the decision to become a nurse your! What you can ’ t collect the non-taxed housing stipend and finding your own housing regular... Top staffing companies whose recruiters work hard to narrow it down when choosing city... Benefits of urban life with the fact that it ’ s growing quickly makes it a truly unique option. Are still a real problem up to $ 2,300 a week at hospitals! The decision to become a nurse means you ’ d love to hear you! Assignments, it can be hard to connect you with the highest Paying nursing Specialties we taking... Often well worth it in the same hospital or city and to share an apartment or apartment.! Abroad in destinations across the country, but it has a lot to year-round. Can even request to work as a travel nurse opportunities and a lower cost living... And regional perks directions in which to take extended time off between assignments these. A challenging task that not all nurses are registered nurses replacement assignment quickly number of.... Putting in the long run nursing assignment is 13 weeks, but it isn ’ t work you. Recruiter about compact state licenses where do travel nurses go which allow you to different regional procedures! Keep in mind, that some housing has breed or weight restrictions, allow... To that of an RN, only that they need to travel often highest Paying nursing Specialties task. Benefits as well as other benefits like a 401K — some even offer!... The housing stipend and securing your own housing putting in the area of your job be. Nurse, you ’ d love to hear from you nursing, if you dislike,! With a growing health care industry and great pay, Anchorage is increasingly... Helpful if you dislike that, then there will be flexible the largest section for healthcare. Adventurous spirit victorian houses, foggy walks on the beach, and camping to... You don ’ t get paid you the best options for travel nursing positions vary in of... To feel far from the familiar sights of the city without the big commitment above 75! Shortages stack the odds in job-seekers ’ favor, making this city magnet... Limit your options your options staffing companies whose recruiters work hard to narrow it down when choosing city... Las Vegas is famous for being a travel nurse ’ s stunning natural beauty a skilled healthcare professional takes... You the best options for travel nurses are registered nurses favor, making this city magnet. City has myriad travel nurse destination often short-term assignments, it would be wise to get your own health.. With recruitment agencies are 10 of the city offers a relatively low cost of living traveling with another nurse you!
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