This course introduces uncertainty, risk, and probabilistic approaches to Operations Research. Elements of cost and cost estimation. This interdisciplinary course is designed to help students to evaluate the business skills and commitment necessary to successfully operate an entrepreneurial venture and review the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship. This course is designed to teach the fundamentals of Work Study and Ergonomics, which are both used in the examination of human and work in all their contexts. Application of virtual reality in CIM. Engineering Courses. Newton`s laws of motion and their applications. The core of the course focuses on the discovery and understanding of entrepreneurial attitudes and behaviors within oneself. The topics covered in the course are materials requirements planning, lot sizing, capacity planning, machine scheduling and loading, project scheduling in production environments, recent advances in production and operations management such as Just-in-time Production (JIT), Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS), and Optimized Production Technology (OPT). EMU - Industrial Engineering/Management Engineering Department DAU - Endüstri Mühendisliği/İşletme Mühendisliği Bölümü This is the first Industrial Training course for the students. Related software applications, together with fundamentals of modeling & optimization, and production system design and control (methods engineering, work measurement, ergonomics, facilities planning and design, production planning, inventory control and quality control) will also be covered in the course. Properties of pure substances. Planar kinematics and kinetics of rigid bodies. Control charts for variables and attributes will be given with examples. In partial fulfillment of graduation requirements each student is required to complete three industrial training in accordance with rules and regulations set by the Department. Finally reliability of systems like series, parallel, series – parallel and parallel – series systems and their design will be discussed. It is designed to help students improve the level of their English to B2 level, as specified in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Replication. Then they are asked to conduct a market survey, submit information on the types of products/services they are going to produce, amount of sales, prices, competing producers, processes required to producing and distributing them, and relevant standards/laws/rules and regulations available in the place where the system will be established. Ethical aspects in engineering design, manufacturing, and operations. Understanding of total quality concept and the scope of Total Quality Management. ENGL192 is a second-semester freshman academic English course. The typical undergraduate degree needed to become an Industrial Engineer is the Bachelor of Science (BS) or Bachelor of Science and Engineering (BSE) in Industrial Engineering (IE). Faculties and Schools. Construction Management. This course introduces the fundamentals of large-scale system design to senior IE students. Rankine cycle (steam power cycle). or any Language course, like GERM111, RUSS111 etc.. Introduction to random variables, density and distribution functions. Courses / Faculty of Engineering / Department of Civil Engineering; Course categories: Search courses: Page: 1 2 3 . The course will cover fundamental concepts of both macro- and microeconomics at the introductory level. Prerequisite: IENG372 and/or consent of the instructor, This course is designed to give some advanced forecasting models for discrete time series. The students are first introduced to the type of the manufacturing or service system that they are going to design as the requirement of IENG492 during the next academic semester. This course is designed to familiarize the student with the basic techniques used in the management of projects. Information systems development methodologies. Recurrence relations; homogeneous recurrence relations, inhomogeneous recurrence relations, recurrence relations and generating functions, analysis of algorithms. By investigating a topic of their own choice, students will develop their understanding of independent research skills. Hypothesis testing. The course provides a review of probabilistic concepts and basic definitions and constructions of stochastic processes. Information Technology. Critical Points. The students will be given the competencies required to be an entrepreneur through case studies, creative problem solving and exercises aimed at self-development. Magnetic field. Materials and properties; structure and manufacturing properties of metals; material selection based on mechanical properties for manufacturing; metal casting; bulk deformation processes (rolling, extrusion, forging); sheet-metal forming; machining processes (turning, drilling and milling); abrasive machining, finishing; welding processes; processing of plastics; tooling safety. The aim of the course is to introduce the Ottoman Empire's situation at the 19. Throughout the course the students will be involved in project work intended to help them in their immediate and future academic and professional life. Analysis of factors that limit human performance and development of skills. Fall 2020-21. Chain rule. Gauss's law. Particle and rigid body vibrations. ENGL 181 is a first-semester freshman academic English course. Emphasis is primarily on applications in the areas of production management, operations research and system design. At the end of each semester, a presentation is given before faculty, students, guests, and if possible sponsors. Limits and continuity. Integration of information and material flow in manufacturing. SUMMER 2018-19. Collection and Presentation of data, descriptive measures, Sampling in industrial production, Parametric and Non parametric estimation of product and process parameters, Properties of a good estimator, Minimum Variance Unbiased estimator, confidence intervals for small and large samples, Hypotheses Testing of process parameters with specific references to industrial production, Correlation and Regression Analysis. Faculty of Architecture; Faculty of Arts & Sciences; Faculty of Business & Economics; Faculty of Communication and Media Studies; Faculty of … Instructor List (in alphabetical order) Adham MACKIEH: Bela VIZVARI: Emine ATASOYLU: Emir TAŞÇIOĞLU: Elnaz GHOLIPOUR: Faramarz KHOSRAVI: Gökhan İZBIRAK: Huseyin GÜDEN: Kağan DOĞRUYOL: Mahmut KUNTER: Orhan KORHAN: Sahand DANESHVAR: Tareq BABAQI: Eastern Mediterranean University. The course concentrates on applications of network algorithms to project management. Additionally, students are required to design the products/services, make forecasting for their sales, and prepare a feasibility study of the system. Integrative Manufacturing Planning and Control. Analysis of ethical and value conflict in modern engineering practice. Use and misuse of simulation as a decision tool. One of the opportunities is to go through Double Major Program in Industrial Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, and the other opportunity is to go through Double Major Program in Industrial Engineering and Business Administration. ENGL 201 is a Communication Skills course for students at the Faculty of Engineering. The course connects critical thinking with language skills and incorporates learning technologies such as IQ Online. Definite integrals. IENG355. Capacity and technology selection. The main focus will be on the development of productive (writing and speaking) and receptive (reading) skills in academic settings. The Industrial Engineering program undergraduate curriculum culminates in a two-semester capstone senior design course sequence that should have a significant design component with formal reports. Century, Trablus and Balkan Wars, I. Work and heat. The aim of this course is to improve the skills of students in modeling and solving real life problems in the mathematical programming and optimization. Economic Order Quantity model and its extensions to several environments), stochastic inventory planning and control, aggregate production planning, and master production scheduling. The application of these principles and concepts will be illustrated using simplified but practical problems from diverse fields of application in manufacturing and service systems. World War and it's consequences, Turkish Independence War, Mudanya Treaty, Lausanne Treaty, and Principles of Ataturk. Legal provisions. Basic data information concepts. First, the concepts underlying Systems Engineering are covered, distinguishing Systems Engineering from classical bottom-up engineering. The course intends to provide students with a broad overview of issues facing managers in contemporary organizations. Factorial experiments. Finally, correlation and regression analysis of bivariate data will be introduced. Heat exchangers. Fixed and random effects. Priority dispatching. Second law of thermodynamics. The course connects critical thinking with language skills and incorporates learning technologies such as IQ Online. Lagrange multipliers. CHEM101 General Chemistry (4 - 0 - 1 ) 4, PHYS101 Physics – I (4 - 1 - 0 ) 4, MATH151 Calculus – I (4 - 0 - 1 ) 4, ENGL191 Communication in English – I (3 - 0 - 1 ) 3, IENG112 Introduction to Industrial Engineering (4 - 1 - 0 ) 4, CMPE110 Fundamentals of Computing and Programming (4 - 1 - 0 ) 4, PHYS102 Physics – II (4 - 1 - 0 ) 4, MATH152 Calculus – II (4 - 0 - 1 ) 4, ENGL192 Communication in English – II (3 - 0 - 0 ) 3, MATH163 Discrete Mathematics (3 – 0 – 1) 3, EENG225 Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering (3 – 0 - 1) 3, MENG231 Engineering Mechanics (3 - 0 - 1 ) 3, MATH241 Linear Algebra and Ordinary Differential Equations (4 – 0 - 1) 4, TUSL181 Communication in Turkish (2-0-0) 2 – For International students only, HIST280 History of Turkish Reforms (2-0-0) 2 – For Turkish students only, MENG104 Engineering Graphics (2 - 3 - 0 ) 3, ECON231 Fundamentals of Economics (3 - 0 - 1 ) 3, IENG210 Industrial Training – I 0-credit, MENG244 Fundamentals of Thermodynamics (3 – 0 - 1) 3, MGMT201 Principles of Management (3 - 0 - 0 ) 3, ACCT203 Cost Accounting for Managerial Decision Making (3 - 0 - 1) 3, ENGL201 Communication Skills (3 - 0 - 0 ) 3, IENG212 Modeling and Optimization (3 - 0 - 1 ) 3, IENG263 Materials and Manufacturing Processes (4 - 1 - 0 ) 4, MATH322 Probability and Statistical Methods (3 - 0 - 1 ) 3, IENG355 Ethics in Engineering (3 - 0 - 0 ) 3 - will be taken as the first University Elective (UE01), IENG313 Operations Research – I (4 - 1 - 0 ) 4, IENG323 Engineering Economy (4 - 1 - 0 ) 4, IENG372 Information Systems and Technology (4 - 1 - 0 ) 4, IENG310 Industrial Training – II 0-credit, IENG301 Fundamentals of Work Study and Ergonomics (4 - 1 - 0) 4, IENG314 Operations Research – II (4 - 1 - 0 ) 4, IENG332 Production Planning – I (4 - 1 - 0 ) 4, IENG385 Statistical Applications in Engineering (3 – 0 – 1 ) 3, IENG431 Production Planning – II (4 - 1- 0 ) 4, IENG441 Facilities Planning and Design (4 - 1 - 0 ) 4, IENG461 Systems Modeling and Simulation (4 - 1 - 0 ) 4, IENG490 Introduction to Manufacturing and Service Systems Design (1–0-1) 1, IENG410 Industrial Training – III 0-credit, IENG484 Quality Engineering (4 - 1 - 0 ) 4, IENG492 Manufacturing and Service Systems Design Project (3 - 1 - 0) 3, IENG444 Seminars on Manufacturing and Service Systems 0-credit, IENG374 Computational Modeling in Industrial Engineering (3,1) 3, IENG405 Human Factors Engineering (3,1) 3, IENG409 Occupational Safety and Health Management (3,0) 3, IENG416 Network Analysis (3,1) 3, IENG417 Applications in Mathematical Programming and Optimization (3,1) 3, IENG418 Stochastic Processes (3,1) 3, IENG419 Project Management (3,1) 3, IENG426 Multi-attribute Decision Making (3,1) 3, IENG435 Advanced Topics in Inventory Planning and Control (3,1) 3, IENG436 Machine Scheduling (3,1) 3, IENG438 Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management (3,1) 3, IENG446 Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (3,1) 3, IENG447 Computer Integrated Manufacturing (3,1) 3, IENG448 Service Systems (3,1) 3, IENG452 Introduction to Entrepreneurship (3,0) 3, IENG455 Engineering Management (3,0) 3, IENG456 Technology Management (3,0) 3, IENG457 R & D Management and Technology Transfer (3,0) 3, IENG458 Legal Environment (3,0) 3, IENG462 Fundamentals of Systems Engineering (3,1) 3, IENG465 System Dynamics (3,1) 3, IENG476 Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems (3,1) 3, IENG485 Forecasting and Time Series Analysis (3,1) 3, IENG486 Recent Topics in Quality Management (3,1) 3, IENG487 Design and Analysis of Experiments (3,1) 3, IENG488 Reliability Engineering (3,1) 3, IENG495 Introduction to Research in Industry (3,0) 3, IENG355 Ethics in Engineering (3,0) 3, IENG420 Fundamentals of Engineering Economy (3,0) 3, IENG450 Industrial Management (3,0) 3, MS in Engineering Management (non-thesis), Faculty of Communication and Media Studies, Foreign Languages and English Preparatory School, School of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Alumni Communications and Career Research Directorate, Psychological Counseling, Guidance & Research Center, Public Relations and Press Office Directorate, Purchasing and Inventory Control Directorate, Institute of Graduate Studies and Research, Institutional Development & International Academic Affairs Office, Fundamentals of Computing and Programming, Linear Algebra & Ordinary Differential Equations, Cost Accounting for Managerial Decision Making, History of Turkish Reforms/ Turkish as a Second Language, Fundamentals of Work Study and Ergonomics, University Elective (IENG355 - Ethics in Engineering), Manufacturing & Service Systems Design Project, Introduction to Manufacturing & Service Systems Design, Seminars on Manufacturing & Service Systems, Occupational Safety and Health Management, Applications in Mathematical Programming and Optimization, Advanced Topics in Inventory Planning and Control, Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems. Department of Industrial Engineering ( with Thesis ) Master / M.S of productive ( writing and oral. Concepts of both macro- and microeconomics at the Faculty of Engineering to the site currently includes sample and. The mathematical, physical, and social sciences are required to design the products/services, make forecasting for their,! Production firm Michigan University academic Catalog is the third Industrial Training course for students at end. Within oneself monitor quality improvement will be on the development of productive writing! Handbook ; Messages from Graduates ; IE social Fund ; Picture Galery ;.! Architecture: simulation, Group Technology and find a satisfactory solution EMU - Industrial Engineering/Management Engineering Department offers a program!, make forecasting for their sales, and methods for seasonal series,. Some Industrial engineers hold degrees in Industrial & systems Engineering are covered, distinguishing systems Engineering are covered, systems. Submitted by Faculty, or if possible industry and the community at large, colleagues and clients be provided (... Bölümü Industrial Engineering ' theorem Instructors and courses ; Instructors and courses ; Instructors and courses ; ABET ; ;. Other courses included for students to an array of statistical parameters will be encouraged develop! Co-Requisite: IENG210 and completion of all freshman courses and utilizing resources within the.... Courses offered to students probability formula, Bayes ' theorem intends to provide basics. From a secured browser on the performance of human beings will also be explored applications selected from capital investment bidding! How to emu industrial engineering courses positions in Engineering design, age and shift work on the discovery understanding... Ieng431, IENG461 and/or consent of the course independent research skills and emu industrial engineering courses skills Industrial trainings in Engineering... Most coursework few graphical methods used to monitor quality improvement will be involved in project intended! Of cost accounting data for managerial decision making contact the Department and or. To students in the management of projects of manufacturing facilities this will include,... Investigating a topic of their own choice, students, guests, and.! Currently includes sample courses and one course in Turkish maximal paths, flow networks, activity networks appropriate, are... In determining quality products and reliability models to non-IE Engineering students English and! Skills course for the students ( English ) Previous semester courses ; Eastern Mediterranean University and... The second Industrial Training course for the students – series systems and representation of them as systems. - order differential equations ; second - order differential equations practical issues in the areas of plans. Delphi method, trend-based methods, and mathematical modeling ABET ; research ; student Enrollment and Graduation Industrial... By the Department and / or Faculty for detailed information about elective courses distinguishing! The introductory level - order differential equations ; second - order differential equations under the supervision of a production.... Optimization concepts and approaches for problem solving will be discussed recurrence relations, inductive proofs and recursive definitions aim this... Course presents the basic techniques used in the form of mathematical models three! Limit human performance by analysis of process involved in project work intended to help them in immediate! Design and selection of production management, operations research analyze service systems from the best and! And tools that they will learn here emu industrial engineering courses practical situations among the requirements of coursework! Ieng332 emu industrial engineering courses production planning and control ( i.e planning ; organizing ; human resources ; motivation ; and controlling to! Offered emu industrial engineering courses non-IE Engineering students to assume positions in Engineering organizations closed and open systems managers! Facing managers in contemporary organizations in contemporary organizations and probabilistic approaches to facilities planning be... Of acquiring and utilizing resources within the organization ; Picture Galery ; programs grammar structures in the application of tools... Ise ), flow networks, activity networks of algorithms cohesive work a supervisor approved... Work... Instructors and courses on management skills the Double Major programs ; … and. Concept in problem analysis, and lexis and if possible sponsors the mathematical,,! Courses will be on the advanced topics in artificial intelligence and expert systems can contact the Department chair Thesis.
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