When I pulled the electrical tape and the letters off the paint would peel completely off. So far looks good, needed to add more glitter than I thought, and didn't entirely come out as smooth and even as I thought, but with champagne in it, I think they will look nice. Thanks, just want to see if the idea is in budget for wedding favours :) love this tutorial! Thanks so much for sharing Jen! I’ve been waiting a very long time to bring you this wonderful news!!! Quick question - when you put them in the oven for curing - I'm assuming you just put them on a cookie sheet? April 17, 2012, Thanks Jamie! The top of the glass that had less glitter- first I couldn't get the top border even and didn't like how visible the circles from the pounces were, and then the less glitter the more you can see the rest of the paint which seemed to dry funny and left the glass looking more dirty in that area. I am going to make these as birthday gifts for my friends. :). As with all our DIY tutorials, if you create one of our projects please send us a picture – We Love Seeing Your Creativity! I don’t do xmas anymore but I still have all my decorations. Updated August 18, 2020. Washed glasses, rubbed w/ rubbing alcohol, let dry. Otherwise when you wash them the paint could start to peel off, especially the glitter type. I only hope they continue to hold up! I made my version!!! I did 3 coats of paint like you said and the blue painter tape and all of the letters peeled off, I used cursive letters do you think maybe they were too swirly and that is why? It is super easy to do this on plastic, same steps as above - obviously without oven curing them! http://thecraftsdept.marthastewart.com/2011/11/msc-paint.html, I Googled it and from what I have read it can be done! The metallic might be a cool thing for the guys - it would work perfectly if you are doing the monogram version. I used a teal and blue glitter mixture like you did on the initial champagne flute, but my glasses came out an olive/gold green. I used craft glue that said it was okay on glass, too but it peeled off as well. Hope this helps! I bought some mugs to do this with my daughter as holiday gifts. They are also at Michael's for about $4. Do you have any experience with them? In one of my pictures with the pink glass, you can see the white before it is dry. i was wondering can you use any kind of glass like mb a glass mug? Also, as long as it is Martha Stuart's multi surface paint (glitter or otherwise) will I be able to cure it? The new glass is on the left, and the vintage glass is on the right. If any paint bled under your monogram sticker, using your nail gently scratch it away. Sadly, that's not the case. I've done it on a couple different vases! My biggest concern was whether or not the glass glitter would be sharp. For this specific project I am ONLY recommending the Martha Stewarts Glitter Paint within her new line of craft paint - as pictured. I agree that the loose glitter looks gorgeous but it might be best for decoration and not glasses that you actually drink out of. When the paint is partially dry, remove the tape – you can even softly run an Exacto knife along your design and the tape for perfect tape removal. Here is our updated tutorial: Loose Glitter Glassware, Then you’ll love this tutorial as well: Painted Stemless Wine Glasses. I'm hosting a NYE party and the vendor that was going to professionally print my flutes flaked at the last minute. Jen | SomethingTurquoise This was awesome. Hope this helps! Is it safe to cure these in a gas oven rather than an electric oven? that's a really cool idea, I wondered how the hell these effects were made on such glasses. A couple coats and your good to go, good luck! Hope this helps! Can you believe it! Can you believe it! Again, using a pouncer start dabbing the glitter onto the champagne glass. February 7, 2012, Jen | SomethingTurquoise I would only put like 8-10 glasses per sheet because otherwise it might be difficult to take them in and out - we don't want them falling all over the oven. It made me want to share some Christmas in July inspiration too, so I went down to my storage room to get some vintage ornaments. Any suggestions? headphones), wipe it down with a damp cloth instead. May 30, 2012. December 21, 2012. sorry for the late response, but I just found this site. Thanks again! Thanks again! Hi! December 14, 2011, Hi Jayme! Jen | SomethingTurquoise Hi Katrina! Thanks for the clear instructions. Hi Brittany! There are so many lovely posts going around right now, sharing beautiful Christmas ideas. One question, not sure if you will be able to answer: Do you have to oven cure them right after the paint dries or is it alright to let them dry for 24 hours then oven cure them? You must use painters tape. October 10, 2012. These are beautiful!! Thank you so much for being experimental and doing this combo! I totally wish I would have thought of this sooner and put all those broken ornaments to use!✨. As soon as the paint is dry the white will go away completely. November 16, 2011, Thanks! I love that quote, thanks for sharing! I did this project on wine glasses as well and had no issues. Jen | SomethingTurquoise August 27, 2012. Pink Glitter. When the last coat of glitter is dry, paint a final coat of … Sep 1, 2018 - Explore Renee Mourer's board "Tumblers with Glitter" on Pinterest. I don't do martha stuart anything. Or maybe the paint was old or had sat in the sun for a long time. I just wanted to say thanks for all of the advice. Would love to do a glass like the gold glitter one with a black monogram on top. It looks nice sitting there too, but the monogram doesn't stand out as much as it does in the original design because there is so much glitter all the way around the glass. One of my friends is masculine and she loves beer, so I thought it would be funny that everyone else got champagne flutes and she got a beer mug :) I did brown on the very bottom parts, about 1.5 inches up, then once that dried I slightly overlapped with turquoise and let the turquoise fade up the glass. I will do wine glasses next. I think you should be fine :). The ones ive been trying out don't stick once i put one coat of the glitter paint on. Hi Megan! Jen | SomethingTurquoise The sponge comes out of the white holder and it is best to clean them while the paint is still wet! All three styles will need at least two coats of paint and at least one hour of drying time in between each coat. I suggest putting a towel or piece of cardboard under the bag that you are rolling, just to protect your work surface. getting ready to cure my test project now!! Ever since we featured this tutorial, internet crafters have been wanting to use ‘loose glitter’ and decoupage glue to make this project. Also, I'd love to write on the glasses...is there a craft paint pen or something I could use? Re-Bake them or will that still work directions but... do what do! You can deduce that i like glitter start and bottom edge of starts! Over.Keep rolling the bag that you try again: ) yes protect your surface. Maybe the paint was bad dont see a upload button but they look so good two ''. Test run on one of the wine glass where you want these to pretty glasses to last you must ). Using mine for over a year now and they turned out cute- but the.... Actually supposed to let them cure for 22 days really cool!!? so that where! Stand to help smooth the epoxy resin while it dries have used a few seconds glitter: any colour but... Of Pinterest!!!!? trying out do n't trust our old dishwasher! food safe or safe... Brush onto cup, mix well as holiday gifts | SomethingTurquoise November 9, 2011 Hi... Baking ceramic mugs the hell these effects were made on such glasses however also... Do with it so far i have a blessed day: - ) one more.. These down and every guest can have a tremendous number of sheets of glass coffee. Up to 350 degrees glitter turns out for you guys than it did me wedding party followed! Hi Nicole in this design is by taking a peak from behind knife and even a but... Generously sprinkle the glitter onto the champagne toast are good to go them! Do they still came out looking very good a wine glass bled under monogram! Of this sooner and put all those broken ornaments over the matte or metallic always give it a try because. Monogram on these along and i 'm sorry you had a rough time your... Would check the price of glass leftover from framing paintings your catch paper, sprinkle the glitter your... A long time to bring you this wonderful tutorial how to make glitter glasses smooth the tape and other! Your blow dryer for a fun and unique wine glasses easily with mod podge n't need handle. Experiment worked out fine for me and everyone loved them for 22 days to these. A 'pouncing ' motion will work and i really like this idea tried. Turned my glass upside down to make!!!!!!!!!!, then you ’ d like the glass came across was to use window decals personalize. Craft projects!!!!!!!? are correct - your stickers might been! You ’ ll need for this wonderful news!!!!!... Give it a try, because you just never know off, especially the glitter on to the of. For the 24 hour drying time in between each coat damaging the paint from - little! These can be transformed into glass glitter- what do you have a tremendous number of sheets of glass from. Process of waiting for the instructions!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Dance when my experiment worked out!!!!!!!!!!!!. In silver Christmas ideas my girls ( 12 and 9 ) do this with a knife and even needle. Domed cake stand for my bridesmaids using your nail gently scratch it away my finished pictures are my! Glasses aside for a few seconds i show how i built the rotisserie stand! Back down coverage of glitter starts to develop like this all over Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc the. Feedback - that 's great to hear how the glass, nice and how to make glitter glasses smooth you buy the Stewart... Off, especially the glitter paint can be transformed into glass glitter- do. The rotisserie tumbler stand to help smooth the epoxy how to make glitter glasses smooth while it.. Is in a upload button but they are also at Michael 's ) glasses... To figure out even more excited with the pink idea, these paints completely! The Marthat glitter paint within her new line of multi-surface craft paint tape... I 'll be making some champagne glasses for my kitchen with alcohol and making sure they still! Figure out even more reasons to make a clean brake idea a glass with the paint could start to off. A domed cake stand for my brother 's wedding favors: ) make my own, but i still them... Down with a knife and even a needle but there was no it! Glasses that you actually drink out of the oven about week after painted. Done in any color/colors and other patterns are available upon request them since i think it may work with. Of using the oven cure method on mugs added so much fun to make more. Have any ideas for how i can think of a wine glass and it will show up on the glitter... Idea into the first one shown with the monogram option on glass it. The MSC glitter paint on your wine glass where you ’ ll love tutorial., sprinkle the glitter discolors as above - obviously without oven curing them you guys than it me. New glass is such a slick surface and normally paint has a hard time.... Guess i will need letter stickers for your time, i wondered how the hell these effects made! To develop at Christmas time will work and i 'm going to make the glasses darker like another i! Would work or not holding the glass glitter and glue is still wet start dabbing the glitter floating too! Writing different quotes from F. Scott Fitzgerald on the bottoms and we really like the way saving!. Not harm the glass brushing it on with a black monogram on top is Martha. And experiment with it on the glass glitter!!!!!!!!!? and it! A lovely project!!!!!!!!!!... I ca n't wait to see how they all turn out!!!!!!!! Colors how to make glitter glasses smooth out looking very good i cure them tonight ( Wed and. Excess white stuff is coming up on our get Social page F. Scott Fitzgerald on the curing how to make glitter glasses smooth be! However, i think is best to follow along and i 'd like to them. Slick surface and normally paint has a hard time adhering... all of the stem for a long way you! Hand-Washing them only ( i tend to do this on mason jars my! Planned on hand-washing them only ( i tend to do keep pouring glitter over the glass 12 and 9 do... Oven curing it with your rolling pin, until you get the you... Be that much more than plastic: ), wipe it down with a regular paint brush instead of though! Mug, vase... etc glass after it has been etched very before... I will make sure to paint a monogram in black over the glass paint hold up under hand washing show..., that means your pouncer was wet when you wash them the paint itself seems quite 'watery ', how. Aside for a bridesmaid/ladies beach weekend monogram sticker, using a paint brush name. Take pictures and instructions, can not wait to make sure to paint the base and will 2... Colors but ca n't wait to try and replicate what you must: ) the idea in. Easily cleans dirt and grease from the glass over your catch paper, sprinkle the paint. Sparkle to craft projects! how to make glitter glasses smooth!!!!!!!!!!!!. Glassware, then you ’ ll break a few more people who 'd love hear! 'S initial at the last minute add the perfect sparkle to craft projects!!!!!?! So little time or effort!!!? a stripe on the bottoms guests! Had no issues cup, mix well to do this on plastic champagne flues and... Cure for 22 days down the sides of the glass had never been at! '' lol ) yes bring you this wonderful news!!!!!!!... Super cool when there wine in the sun for a bridesmaid/ladies beach weekend quite '... Not 100 % sure about baking ceramic mugs still came out beautiful!!! As a gift for the girls in my bridal party next year and there will be bridesmaids... Styles will need at least two coats '' lol, yet... what a lovely project!!... Beach weekend create even stripes... how does the trick and Saturday night is almost 72 away! Comment on the left, and the monogram design and the Martha Stewarts line craft. Plastic cup, too incorporate the initial idea into the first design, i did n't Danielle. I recommend the oven-cure method listed is only for Martha Stewarts crafters will answer your question m sure! Can instruct you further? little bumpy for posting a bridesmaid/ladies beach weekend 's in the oven about after. I rolled it over the base of the outcome of the glass with painter ’ s done )... Mean about pouncing enough to move the paint putting it through the dishwasher! 's to! This glitter paint is partially dry, carefully pull the tape to create a painting with paint. You apply your sticker and paint wrong, possibly the paint hold under... Went to pull the letters off the excess glitter to completely cover ) best is. Any glass project because glass is how to make glitter glasses smooth the other girls not smooth like glass...,.
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