Yellow, orange and crimson. "Asterion" can have a height of 40 to 120 cm. Bouquet of fresh flowers growing in summer garden. Helvetia stands out for its white flowers with bright orange stamens and corrugated edges. Whether you grow it in a pot, a container in the patio, or in the garden, their beauty … Varieties from the 'Romance' series are from the breeding programme of G.A.Verdegaal, while 'Sunny' varieties are from Mak Breeding. “Enteriner” is another potted variety of oriental lilies, which reaches 55 cm in height. Add to that a superb bulb and you can see why tree lily bulbs are more than just a gardening fad. “Conca d'Or” in lemon-souffle yellow, exudes a rich, soft perfume. Planting and soil in this case are needed the same as in the garden. At the same time, 8-14 flowers bloom. The height of the plant is about 90 cm, up to 10 buds with a pronounced sweetish smell can form on one peduncle. DIY Christmas Decor. Through education, collecting and growing species lilies, and distributing excess species bulbs and seeds among its members, the North American Lily Society's Species Lily Preservation Group aims to preserve and protect especially rare species lilies from extinction. Read on to learn more about nine different divisions of lilies and a few of their common cultivars, so that you can determine which would bloom best in … The oriental tree lily is one of the most delightful members of the lily family. Reply. The flowering period lasts longer than other lilies. Oriental Lilies tend to flower mid-season (July/August). The height of the flower is about 110 cm, 2-3 buds with a pronounced pleasant aroma are formed on one peduncle. You can find out how to prepare oriental lilies for winter by watching the video below. It needs to be well loosened and mixed with peat and mineral fertilizers (100 g of superphosphate, 50 g of potassium phosphate, 1 bucket of peat are added per 1 m2). For their beauty, the flowers were called "Beauties of the East", and they are also called the most aristocratic flowers. Plant at a depth at least 3 times the height of the bulb in well-drained or moist but well-drained soil enriched with leaf mould or well-rotted organic matter. Coloring varies from snow-white to scarlet. Height: 5-6 feet. 'Romance' Lilies to vary in height from around 35 cm to nearly 50 cm, 'Sunny' Lilies tend to all be around the 35 - 40 cm. Mondrian has delicate pearl pink inflorescences, in the middle they are light yellow in color and pink on top. Martagon Mix; Division III: Candidum (Euro-Caucasian) Hybrids. From aphids effective "Bazudin", "Neoron". Botanists acknowledge a distinct category, within Division 9, for the Oriental species lilies. The eastern hybrid belongs to bulbous flowering perennials. For landing oriental hybrids are certain requirements: Oriental lilies are very sensitive to soil quality. 27 Favorite Lily Varieties. "Josephine" is distinguished by buds with large petals of different shades of pink and dark pink dots. Pandora features pink flowers with wavy edges. Combining showy extravagance with heady perfume, Oriental lilies star in the summer garden with all the glory of attention-grabbing prima donnas. The Asiatic lily (Lilum asiatica) is the earliest flowering variety of lily. Mona Lisa with pale pink buds that have a white border. Oriental hybrid lilies thrive in USDA plant hardiness zones 5 through 9; certain varieties of Oriental hybrids or species extend or contract the range. The buds bloom in late July. A sandy soil blend is best. A clear, bright pink lily, the 'Acapulco' hybrid Oriental lily will not disappoint gardeners who seek exotic perfumes in their summer landscapes. Acapulco has relatively small cup-shaped buds (approximately 18 cm in diameter). Our Oriental Lilies present thick stems of 70cm in length and have large blooms with recurved petals and strong, upright facing flowers. We should have all 159 varieties in bloom for Blooming Daz (last week of June and 1st week of July). 'Acapulco' blooms in late summer. The lily blooms in the middle of summer, which is much earlier than other species. Casa Blanca – Oriental Lily; Citronella – Asiatic Lily; Claude Shride – Martagon Lily; Dizzy – Oriental Lily; Dot Com – Asiatic Lily; Entertainer – Oriental Lily; Fire King – Asiatic Lily; Flashpoint – Orienpet Lily; Gluhwein – Orienpet Lily; Golden Splendor – Trumpet Lily; Gran Paradiso – Asiatic Lily… Petals of a flower of pink color with a darker speck and a light center. The most popular hybrids are Asiatic, Aurelian and Oriental lilies, but did you know that there are about 90 species in the genus Lilium? Blooms in May. They are treated with the removal of damaged parts and the use of Fundazole. I bought three lilies at Lowes on clearance today. The height of the Oriental Lily can range between 3 to 5 feet. The buds give off a rich pleasant smell. Oriental hybrid lilies thrive in USDA plant hardiness zones 5 through 9; certain varieties of Oriental hybrids or species extend or contract the range. Of the pests, the lily bug is the most dangerous for lilies, which eats leaf plates and flowers. If you have a small number of plants you can stop this red pest with determined handpicking. “Sky Treasure” is an LO hybrid; “Sunny Crown,” is a striking OA hybrid in orange and red. The edges of the flower have a white corrugated border. Division I: Asiatic Hybrids. by Max - last update on March 3, 2020, 7:47 pm Stargazer lilies are a hybrid that was developed in 1974 by crossing Lilium auratum and Lilium speciosum, with the specific intention of creating an upward-facing flower. While these classifications are important for both true lily connoisseurs and budding growers alike, if we're being honest, we're here for the pretty. They are narrowed to the tip, with wavy edges. Suggested uses. On one stem, several flowers are formed, directed in different directions. Oriental hybrids depending on the structure of the flower are tubular, cup-shaped, flat and chalmovidnye. Oriental lilies: varieties, unlike Asian, planting and care February 15, 2020. Petals have a crimson pink color and wavy edges. Carusetta's career history includes professional florist, private cook, writer and small business owner. You need to make them according to a clear scheme and specific minerals. Numerous varieties have contrasting veins and dots on the petals. The Oriental lily is known for its beauty and simplicity. Lilies grow native in North America, Europe, India, Burma, Japan and China. Petals are expanded, with longitudinal yellow stripes and reddish stamens. "Star Klass" has a height of 110 cm. Alongside Oriental varieties, the Asiatic lily is one of the most popular garden varieties. Its bright pink flowers, face the sky, revealing a lovely white heart. In height, the plant grows to about 100 cm. "Muskadet" is a white lily with a scattering of pink freckles and wavy edges of the petals. This red-orange pest is disposed of with drugs such as Iskra, Funfanon. Commercially available Oriental hybrids span size and color ranges to suit most home garden settings, thriving in United States Department of Agriculture Plant Hardiness Zones 4 through 9, and asking little in return for their colorful performances. "Barbados" has large fragrant inflorescences. Tall and slender, their beauty is exquisite and their charm is unmistakable. Oriental White. Oriental beauties are also sensitive to top dressing. Beds and borders, Containers, Cottage/Informal, Flower Arranging, Low Maintenance. Oriental lily belongs to large plants, can reach 1 m in height. "Paradero" is a lily with saturated pink petals, which are decorated with white border and dark speck. Read on for the 17 types of lilies we just can't get enough of. Oriental lilies prefer a cooler, more sheltered position, and may require protection from hot sun and hot winds. This season we are force blooming 133 varieties for Mother’s Day and for Mid June. The closest relative of the eastern hybrid is Asiatic lily, but despite this, they have enough differences. Kassandra attracts with beautiful colorful flowers: inside they have a yellowish-white tone, in the very center there are greenish veins, the bottom of the petals and throat are yellow-green, and the outside is white with a light yellowish tint. Petals of a flower have white, light pink and orange tones with darker specks. The buds are quite large, in the open form their diameter is about 23 cm. The plant grows to 110 cm, the diameter of the inflorescences reaches 18-25 cm. Improper care or maintenance conditions provoke the appearance of various fungal diseases and rot. These are Lilium alexandrae, L. auratum, L. brownii, L. japonicum, L. nobilissimum, L. rubellum and L. speciosum. In their form, lily inflorescences resemble a lotus. You can meet oriental beauties in different parts of the world: Australia, South America, Europe and New Zealand. “Midnight Star” is aptly named for its bold, burgundy star-shaped stripes on white, speckled petals. The main vegetative organs of the plant are the rhizome and bulb. Petals with wavy edges are raspberry-pink in color with a white border and dark spots. The height of the plant is 120-150 cm, 3-7 fragrant buds are formed on one stem, looking up. white. “Scheherazade's” strikingly fragrant, deep-rose flowers sport green centers and edges. How to Replant Live Tulips Bought in the Winter, Royal Horticultural Society: The International Lily Register and Checklist 2007, University of California Marin Master Gardeners: Lilies, Missouri Botanical Garden: Lilium 'Muscadet', North American Lily Society: Lily Photo Gallery by Division, The Lily Garden: Interspecific Hybrid Lilies, The Difference Between Asiatic Lilies and Daylilies. The throat of the flower is strewn with dark cherry dots, and the edges are lighter in color. Home» Lily varieties» Oriental. Best offers for your Garden - ----- The Difference in the Asiatic Lily & the Oriental Lily. Born on sturdy stems, the blossoms are abundant, up to 10 per stalk, guaranteeing a long lasting display. Division 8, the Interdivisional hybrids, include the Orienpets, or Oriental-Trumpet (OT) hybrids. All taller varieties may need staking to support the stems, particularly in open areas where there is less protection from wind. Different Lily Varieties. Here is a list of over 50 popular types of lilies, both species, and hybrids, with pictures and basic information: A) Types of White Lilies: 1. The Tiber has rather large flowers with slightly rounded petals of a whitish-pink color and a white central part. The Lily bulbs will not tolerate an Alkaline soil (lime). Orientals need to have a dry soil, since the bulbs can rot if too wet. Increasingly, in the gardens you can find magnificent fragrant flowers - lilies. Lily "Apricot Fudge": description and cultivation, Shrub lilies: a review of varieties, planting and care. Planting depth depends on variety; follow package instructions. "Henry" changes the color of the flower as it blooms: at the very beginning it is lemon green, in the middle yellow, and at the end of flowering orange. In the spring, a bud is formed in the corner at the bottom of the leaf, which next year turns into a small bulb, a flower stalk is formed nearby. White oriental lily is distributed mainly in the Balkans and in Asia. Kissproof is characterized by large inflorescences of saturated red color with white bordering. Why does not eucharis bloom at home and what to do about it? Oriental hybrid lilies generally range from 3 to 5 feet tall; specialty exceptions expand the range from 15 inches to 8 feet tall. They are distinguished by a variety of color palettes and unusual shapes. Fixer to Fabulous. Oriental lilies require care and attention: Oriental lilies are prone to disease. The tips of the petals are beautifully bent. May Wedding belongs to terry hybrids and is distinguished by the complete absence of stamens, therefore it is a component of wedding bouquets. The Oriental Lily opens a 6 petal bloom that can spread up to 20cm in diameter. They spring from bulbs with scales on the exterior and no protective skin. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. Sunset Western Garden Book; Kathleen Norris Brenzel, et al. On the inside, the petals are white-yellow in color, and on the outside they are covered with dots and small pimples. These Lily bulbs will develop into highly scented lilies, preferring an Ericaceous (Acidic) compost. the petals of traditional Oriental varieties! Oriental Lily bulbs need planting in acidic/ericaceous soils to grow well, all are hardy and scented. Oriental hybrids, comprising Division 7, owe early parentage to the spectacular gold band lily from Japan (L. auratum), and L. speciosum, native to Japan, China and Taiwan. You can mix trumpets, Asiatics, Madonna lilies, and others for different bloom times. Come visit us in person to see all of them! Born on sturdy stems, its large flowers, up to 7 in. Lilium ‘Mona Lisa’ is a hardy type of dwarf Oriental lily that is fairly easy to grow. These Oriental lilies seem to blush upon observation. Lilies will show their appreciation for a steadily cool, moist planting site; mulch or nearby, shallow-rooted plants protect bulbs from drying heat. Due to their beautiful appearance and unusual aroma, they are becoming more and more popular and extremely quickly gain the love of gardeners. Oriental lilies make excellent container plants. The pink curling petals have dark red/pink speckles on them and form stunning outward-facing blooms. Pink Oriental. Oriental. The true aficionado embraces a challenge in raising Oriental species lilies; bulbs may not be available commercially, and plants do not adapt readily to home garden situations. Trending HGTV Dream Home 2021. White and red oriental hybrid lilies. "Curly Sue" has large inflorescences with corrugated edges and pale pink. Other developing Oriental-parented hybrids, including longiflorum/Oriental (LO) and Oriental/Asiatic (OA) hybrids, fall into Division 8. To answer the question, “what is an Oriental lily,” we first need to concede what a true lily is. Known as the most flamboyant personalities within the world of Lilies, Oriental Lilies are characterized by their immense flowers, intense fragrance and rich colors. "Marlon" refers to new varieties with beautiful bright pink inflorescences, bordered by a white edging. Cultivation. It's a win-win-win-win! The group of oriental lilies includes different species and varieties, which may have some differences. Can’t wait to put them in a spot where I can enjoy them while sitting out on my deck. The diameter of the inflorescences is about 20 cm, the middle of them is white, and the edges of the petals are pink. On one peduncle, from 1 to 10 buds can be formed, which are rotated in different directions. In addition to it, plants are damaged by a bear, thrips and wireworm. To avoid waterlogging, it is necessary to organize good drainage, and it is also better to choose areas on the slopes where excess water will drain. Flowers reach an average of 10-20 cm in diameter, the petals are flat, slightly wavy, their tips can bend or curl slightly. Asiatic lilies are known for large beautiful flowers approximately 4 to 6 inches high atop 2 to 5-foot tall stems. “Salmon Star” is a tiger lily with a three-color color and a bright aroma. This is a double-flowered, fragrant, pollen-free Oriental Lily. Oriental lilies are often called oriental or oriental hybrids, so far they have been obtained as a result of crossing different Asian species. Gardening concept. While Oriental species lilies present a gardening challenge, passionate breeders regularly develop new garden-friendly hybrid varieties. Relatives of oriental lilies are Japanese species that grow in the mountains, so a certain soil composition is suitable for their successful breeding. Especially distinguished from these flowers are oriental lilies, which have large colorful buds. The flowers of the eastern lily are larger (about 30 cm) and smell quite expressively, in the Asiatic one they reach 20 cm and do not have a strong aroma. Learn more about growing lilies and how to care for them with the following information. First you need to inspect the bulb for damage or decay.
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