Last registration: {{getResList(10).lastRegistration}}, Let us know today and we'll make sure you have the latest news and support to guide you through your teaching.Let us know. My name is Nicky Robinson and I’m the course leader for the BTEC Level 3 Award in Engineering. Total qualification time: {{getResList(0).totalQualificationTime}} {{ qualification.subjects.length }} qualifications, {{ qualification.subjects.length }} qualification, {{translateWord(navigationJson.qualificationTitle)}}, {{translateWord(navigationJson.subjectTitle)}}, {{translateWord(navigationJson.supportTitle)}}, {{translateWord(navigationJson.aboutusTitle)}}, {{translateWord(navigationJson.contactusTitle)}}, {{getTranslatedWord(facetItem.formattedFacetValue)}} ({{facetItem.count}}), {{ qualification.title | titleCaseFilter }}, {{spec.title | cleanTitle }} ({{spec.qfTitle | titleCaseFilter}}), {{spec.title | cleanTitle}} ({{spec.qfTitle | titleCaseFilter}}). There's more than one qualification for this subject. Please choose the one you're interested in: Unit 1: Health and Safety in the Engineering Workplace, Unit 2: Communications for Engineering Technicians, {{getResList(0).assetExtension}} | {{getResList(0).assetSize}}, {{getResList(1).assetExtension}} | {{getResList(1).assetSize}}, {{getResList(2).assetExtension}} | {{getResList(2).assetSize}}, {{getResList(3).assetExtension}} | {{getResList(3).assetSize}}, {{getResList(4).assetExtension}} | {{getResList(4).assetSize}}, {{getResList(5).assetExtension}} | {{getResList(5).assetSize}}, {{getResList(6).assetExtension}} | {{getResList(6).assetSize}}, {{getResList(7).assetExtension}} | {{getResList(7).assetSize}}, {{getResList(8).assetExtension}} | {{getResList(8).assetSize}}, {{getResList(9).assetExtension}} | {{getResList(9).assetSize}}, {{getResList(10).assetExtension}} | {{getResList(10).assetSize}}. After successful completion of this course you may transfer onto the BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Engineering (1 year part time) and then you may go to into higher education, or an apprenticeship. Specification. The Level 3 Electrical/Electronic in Engineering is a two year course. Why BTEC LEVEL 3 ENGINEERING is Better Than a Levels? Btec level 3: this is the equivalent of studying A-levels and provides access to a degree programme in the first year. What is BTEC L3 Subsidiary Diploma Engineering This qualification is a technical level qualification which will help the learner to move up to a Higher Education (HE) qualification. More buying choices £18.23 (26 used & new offers) Kindle Edition £24.17 £ 24. Explore our range of resources on offer for qualifications in Engineering. First teaching: {{getResList(6).firstTeaching}} First external assessment: {{getResList(10).firstExternalAssessment}} Eligible for funding (England): {{getResList(5).eligibleforfunding_England}} You can go into employment in the engineering sector. Let us know today and we'll make sure you have the latest news and support to guide you through your teaching. BTEC National Engineering Student Book A. Buckenham, G. Thomson. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Download PDF | 7.6 MB. FREE Delivery by Amazon. First external assessment: {{getResList(6).firstExternalAssessment}} Qualification number: {{getResList(1).qualificationNumber}} Change specification size: Certificate; Subsidiary Diploma; Foundation Diploma; Diploma; Extended Diploma ; Certificate TabOrder. Last registration: {{getResList(9).lastRegistration}}, Title: {{getResList(10).title}} A commitment to learning and a keen interest in Engineering. Hello and welcome to Engineering at Reigate College. The fee quoted is for the first year only. Level 3 BTEC 3, 6, 9, 12 unit courses in Engineering (General, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic and Automotive pathways) Level 4 HNC in Engineering (General, Mechanical, Electrical/Electronic, Manufacturing and Operations pathways). Total qualification time: {{getResList(1).totalQualificationTime}} 4 x GCSEs at grade A*-C / 9-4 including maths and English or a Level 2 Engineering qualification at Merit or Distinction plus grade A*-C /9-4 maths and English. Qualification number: {{getResList(0).qualificationNumber}} Read our guick guide to Btecs to find out more about how Btecs work. BTEC Level 3 National Engineering Student Book (Level 3 BTEC National Engineering) by Andrew Boyce, Ernie Cooke, et al. Guided learning hours: {{getResList(9).guidedLearningHours}} Guided learning hours: {{getResList(6).guidedLearningHours}} Total qualification time: {{getResList(7).totalQualificationTime}} Eligible for funding (England): {{getResList(6).eligibleforfunding_England}} There will be the opportunity to visit Engineering establishments to complement your studies whilst gaining actual Engineering experiences in an industrial setting. This qu… First external assessment: {{getResList(5).firstExternalAssessment}} BTEC Level 3 National IT Student Book 2 K. Anderson, A. Kaye. I’m really pleased you’ve chosen Engineering as one of your subjects and I’m looking forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the department in person at the beginning of the academic year. All units of work are internally assessed and externally verified through a portfolio of evidence for each unit. Specification - Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Certificate in Engineering To purchase any existing assignments please visit Premium Work profile Unit 1 - Engineering Principles. Students can select from around 50 A Level, BTEC or Technical Level courses. First external assessment: {{getResList(3).firstExternalAssessment}} Unit 2 - Delivery of Engineering Processes Safely as a Team. Performance tables: {{getResList(1).performanceTables}} First teaching: {{getResList(0).firstTeaching}} Qualification number: {{getResList(6).qualificationNumber}} Last registration: {{getResList(5).lastRegistration}}, Title: {{getResList(6).title}} Progression: employment or further study in the engineering sector. Get it Monday, Jan 4. A-level … The Level 3 Extended Diploma in Engineering has a work related focus and prepares students for employment in the engineering sector or to progress to higher education and a vocational degree programme. 17 £32.99 £32.99. First teaching: {{getResList(3).firstTeaching}} Last registration: {{getResList(0).lastRegistration}}, Title: {{getResList(1).title}} Total qualification time: {{getResList(6).totalQualificationTime}} Last registration: {{getResList(3).lastRegistration}}, Title: {{getResList(4).title}} A Level 3 National Extended Diploma is equivalent in size to three A Levels. Performance tables: {{getResList(3).performanceTables}} Last registration: {{getResList(8).lastRegistration}}, Title: {{getResList(9).title}} First teaching: {{getResList(2).firstTeaching}} More Information . They give you the knowledge, understanding and skills to prepare you for employment or higher education. First teaching: {{getResList(8).firstTeaching}} Qualification number: {{getResList(8).qualificationNumber}} Where next - Job Opportunities. BTEC Level 3 Foundation Award in Mechanical Engineering Mechanical engineers design, maintain, repair and operate everything we need in our daily lives. How is the course assessed? Guided learning hours: {{getResList(4).guidedLearningHours}} The course equips the student with the essential knowledge, understanding and skills to prepare for employment within this vocational area or enhances existing skills to provide career development opportunities. Performance tables: {{getResList(6).performanceTables}} Many course profiles on The Uni Guide feature Btec entry requirements. Performance tables: {{getResList(8).performanceTables}} Qualification number: {{getResList(7).qualificationNumber}} Many engineers who gain this qualification go on to University and read for a BSc in Engineering. Covers all mandatory and 4 optional units, providing the breadth for tutors to tailor the course to their learners’ needs and interests. Eligible for funding (England): {{getResList(2).eligibleforfunding_England}} Performance tables: {{getResList(4).performanceTables}} BTEC Nationals Information Technology Student Book Activebook J. Phillips, A. Jarvis 4.4 out of 5 stars 129. Resources designed to support learners of the 2010 BTEC Level 3 National Engineering specification. Total qualification time: {{getResList(2).totalQualificationTime}} Level 5 HND in Engineering (General, Mechanical, Electrical/Electronic, Manufacturing and Operations pathways). Guided learning hours: {{getResList(1).guidedLearningHours}} Many students who enjoy and successfully complete this course progress into Higher Education or employment in the engineering sector. Gemma Taylor. Total qualification time: {{getResList(4).totalQualificationTime}} Specialist qualifications designed to be studied over two years alongside additional qualifications. Total qualification time: {{getResList(9).totalQualificationTime}} First external assessment: {{getResList(0).firstExternalAssessment}} First external assessment: {{getResList(1).firstExternalAssessment}} Qualification number: {{getResList(3).qualificationNumber}} Qualification number: {{getResList(4).qualificationNumber}} Eligible for funding (England): {{getResList(0).eligibleforfunding_England}} Eligible for funding (England): {{getResList(9).eligibleforfunding_England}} Performance tables: {{getResList(9).performanceTables}} First teaching: {{getResList(1).firstTeaching}} | 26 Aug 2010. Students who show an interest in progressing to University may be given the option to attend an additional unit, Further Engineering Mathematics, to help support their application. First teaching: {{getResList(4).firstTeaching}} Supports further progression in education, to an apprenticeship or entry level employment in the engineering sector. Last registration: {{getResList(6).lastRegistration}}, Title: {{getResList(7).title}} After one year of study learners can progress to either general engineering, electrical/electronic engineering, mechanical engineering or civil engineering. Engineering (Manufacturing) - Level 3 BTEC Diploma Part Time. Level 2 BTec Firsts are roughly the same as GCSE Grades A* to C. Level 3 BTecs including BTec Nationals area similar level of learning as A-Levels, and can be … ENGINEERING FOUNDATION BTEC LEVEL 3 DIPLOMA PEARSON Level. Eligible for funding (England): {{getResList(10).eligibleforfunding_England}} Guided learning hours: {{getResList(2).guidedLearningHours}} First teaching: {{getResList(10).firstTeaching}} 1 year Entry Requirements. Guided learning hours: {{getResList(0).guidedLearningHours}} Eligible for funding (England): {{getResList(3).eligibleforfunding_England}} Level 3 diploma in it (btec) BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Engineering BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Electrical/Electronic Engineering Can you leave Btech course to do A levels A Levels v BTEC A-level Autumn Resits 2020 MEGATHREAD! This practical BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering (Development Technical Knowledge) Mechanical Pathway course is delivered over two years. First external assessment: {{getResList(4).firstExternalAssessment}} Eligible for funding (England): {{getResList(7).eligibleforfunding_England}} Level 3 Duration. First teaching: {{getResList(7).firstTeaching}} It will provide you with the opportunity to study a range of topics within mechanical engineering, and develop your knowledge, understanding and skills in preparation for an apprenticeship. Supports further progression in education, to an apprenticeship or entry level employment in the engineering sector. Total qualification time: {{getResList(10).totalQualificationTime}} Qualification number: {{getResList(9).qualificationNumber}} First external assessment: {{getResList(2).firstExternalAssessment}} Qualification number: {{getResList(2).qualificationNumber}} Available instantly. Please choose the one you're interested in: {{ qualification.subjects.length }} qualifications, {{ qualification.subjects.length }} qualification, {{translateWord(navigationJson.qualificationTitle)}}, {{translateWord(navigationJson.subjectTitle)}}, {{translateWord(navigationJson.supportTitle)}}, {{translateWord(navigationJson.aboutusTitle)}}, {{translateWord(navigationJson.contactusTitle)}}, {{getTranslatedWord(facetItem.formattedFacetValue)}} ({{facetItem.count}}), {{ qualification.title | titleCaseFilter }}, {{spec.title | cleanTitle }} ({{spec.qfTitle | titleCaseFilter}}), {{spec.title | cleanTitle}} ({{spec.qfTitle | titleCaseFilter}}).
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