Despite this, there is a number of common ethical issues emerge, especially Fair Trade principles, the use of organically grown and processed materials, working practices in developing nations and the depletion of natural resources (Sanfilippo, 2007).There are consumers who may be more sympathetic toward ethical issues, and hence more likely to choose ethical products. Employee happiness correlates to customer happiness. The most obvious concerns the works of culture, its artifacts. The key challenge presented by virtue ethics, then, is that of finding ways of combining intimate caring for particular others with humanitarian caring about others in general (Slote, 2000). Meanwhile, Timony et al. It is being exposed that there is an increase in the sale and demand of fair trade and organic products (for example, ethical consumerism (Shaw, Shiu, & Clarke, 2000) and some consumers’ even attempt to punish ‘unethical’ organizations (for example, boycotting (Shaw, Newholm, & Dickinson, 2006)). (2005) claim that everyday consumption practices are always shaped by some sort of ethical dispositions; hence they can be regarded as ordinarily ethical. If your assignment doesn’t have a list of prompts, you can include anecdotes and specific details from your own experience. 2. Ethical or unethical consumer practices can be explained as the rightness or the wrongness of certain actions on the part of the buyer or potential buyer in consumer situations (Dodge, Edwards, & Fullerton, 1996). Langeland (1999) defines the ethical consumer segment as follows: A significant group of people are considering the wider impact of their purchasing decisions and are trying to favor the products with improved environmental or social performance. The notion of ethical consumer has developed in society that can be referred to as the consumer culture. However, Hunt-Vitell (1992) general theory of ethics does not specify how cultural norms influence ethical decision-making either. Strong (1996) adds the concern for the developing countries to the definition and states that ethical consumerism refers to buyer behavior that reflects a concern with the problems of the Third World. Selfishness: a good or bad trait? One’s confidence and moral maturity in ethical decision making may also be related to one’s perceived locus of control (Forte, 2004). One problem in dealing with culture is that it is difficult to define universally. (2002), they assume these traditionalists are compounded with conformity, patience, duty before pleasure while baby boomers are most dealing with optimistic, personal growth, participation. Firstly, both present models of ethical conduct that appear to be far too stringent in the demands they make on the capacities of ordinary people – consequentialist arguments seem to imagine it is possible to collect, collate and calculate all sorts of information and chains of causality prior to action. Consumer ethics is also defined as to search the factors that have correlation with ethical issues and to determine the attitudes of consumers towards certain ethical behaviours (Muncy & Vitell, 1992). For this to happen, however, it is necessary to develop theories of consumer behaviour able to explain ethical and altruistic purchases in contrast with the traditional marketing theory that is focused on self-interested consumption motives (Thogersen, 1996). Some time consumer found problem on the product but they did not report to the relevant department until the government or relevant department disclosure it. According to John Gardner, high organizational trust can advance in many aspects, like level of consumer ethics; employee’ productivity; product quality; work flexibility but effective as well. She defined that traditionalist was those who born between 1925 and 1945, members are predicted to be very loyal and hardworking in nature especially when dealing with the workplace. An introduction to an ethics essay should preview what you will discuss in your paper. However, the result show that the demand of ethical products still unable to represent the actual decision making of consumer. Definitions of the good refer to the properties or outcomes that our actions should endeavour to bring about; definitions of the right refer to what people and organizations ought to do in responding to ethical imperatives. For many years the main form of ethical consumerism was "negative ethical purchase behavior", or the boycott. 500+ Words Essay on Ethics. Ferrell, Fraedrich and Ferrell (2010), define ethics as the study and philosophy of human’ activities, with a specific purpose of determine whether a particular action or behavior is right or wrong. Consumers normally will recognize the organize the organizations that attempt to be responsive to various ethical and social factors in the marketplace over the time (Laczniak & Murphy, 1993).Usually consumer judged the product base on the company reputation and reorganization. A scientific proven from Boulstridge & Carrigan (2000) reveal that consumers are mostly concentrate on their own beneficial values in term of price, quality rather than the corporate ethics. Consumers appear to exercise their moral principles and be more ethically minded when making purchases (Fukukawa, 2010). Consumers also consistently proved themselves unpredictable and unmanageable in which they show different images and faces in purchasing (Gabriel & Lang, 2006). Besides, Consumers who express greater commitment also are likely to forgive unethical business behaviors. Company culture strengthens with improved customer sentiment. However, it is impossible to assume consumers always behave ethically. People who possess with more moral values can avoid themselves from behaving unethically in the society. See All Buying Options. Furthermore, all the moral standards that related to the culture in which they occurred are the moral relativism (Schlenker & Forsyth, 1977). Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. In particular, men are more likely to adhere to the "ethic of justice" by emphasizing rules and individual rights. The behavior is exhibited in two main ways: first, by overt actions such as public or corporate statements and actions about ethical behavior; second, by the collection of the group of ethical attitudes and values. Looking into consumer ethics, it is also important to study consumer ethics across culture, in the marketplace and global marketplace as well as the importance of it. 4. Ethics is a branch of philosophy that studies morals and values. They serve as rules of conduct and can be important guidelines for how individuals should or ought to behave (Pitta, Fung & Isberg, 1999). Our writers and customer service representatives are up and running at all times Ethics Essay On The Ultimate Good to meet your academic needs. That’s why we work without a break to help you at any time, wherever you are located. This seems to conflict with some basic principles of ethical consumption, to distant others, to non-human animals, and to the environment. Because of the ethical responsiveness, consumer will evaluate good rating to this company base on what they see and observed. Differing cultural reactions to consumption practices would be expected to occur, not only because moral values are socially and culturally constructed. In most situations a consumer’s ethical judgment are likely to be a function of both deontological and teleological evaluations. Generally, customer ethics are defined as a set of ethics that service providers follow to ensure that they treat their customers with respect. Writing a Custom Ethics paper is not an easy task to do. This means that concern for the people who are close to you can be transformed into actively caring for more distant others, which is essential when making ethical choices. In another type of dishonest consumer behavior, consumers deliberately return goods for reasons other than actual faults in the product (King & Dennis, 2006). Taking actions in the interest of the customer would enhance company performance and would contribute to a perception of greater importance of ethics in organizational effectiveness. A topic of your composition is one of the essential aspects of a successful composition. In short, ethics play a critical role in every aspect of the society either business, education, marketplace and others. Creating a professional image involves careful planning and a concentrated training effort. For a clear example, consumers purchase organic products and demand for fair trade. He argued that teleological theories implied that it is justifiable to exploit some people, or limit their rights, in pursuit of a more general utilitarian benefit. Carrigan & Attalla (2001) suggest that consumers tend to make ethical purchases that do not require them to pay more, suffer loss of quality or make a special effort. Besides, corporate ethical values (CEV) can be defined as a composite of the individual ethical values of managers and both the formal and informal policies on ethics of the organization (Hunt et al., 1989). 4.6 out of 5 stars. How culture influences one's perceptions and ethical decision-making in business. Although many companies today have unfortunately drifted away from giving their customer an exceptional customer service … Companies have a responsibility to provide consumers with whatever it is they pay for and products are assumed to be safe for ordinary use. All in all, important aspect of ethical consumption is explicitly expressed commitment or obligation towards distant or absent others. The ethicalness of a particular decision is interdependent with the level of moral development in term of ethical climates and culture of an organization. They used various accounts, consisting of justifications or excuses to explain their behavior. 5 star 63% 4 star 30% 3 star 7% 2 star 0% (0%) 0% 1 star 0% (0%) 0% Ethics: An Essay on the Understanding of Evil. write my paper. Her finding was clarify that Gen Y members are high possibility to having such behavior like materialistic, high level of ethical consumption as if compared with Baby Boomers. We provide affordable writing services for students around the world. For example, The Economist (2006) has reported that the sale of pirated DVDs in China deprived US film makers of approximately $2.7 billion in 2005, a massive amount compared to the $250 million or so taken in total box office receipts in the country. Consumer ethics will have important contributions to make to one of the risk analysis as well which is risk management. In social environment, when someone intents to make an ethical decision, it is advisable that he or she to cope with their cognitive thoughts especially dealing with the values and consequences behind their action as this will lead them to be evaluated by the society members. Theories of the good therefore focus upon what outcomes to promote, whereas theories of the right focus upon what principles to honour, or on questions of duty (Pettit, 1991). Second, as an influential social institution, religion has an indirect role in shaping culture, norms, attitudes, and values in society (AI Habshi & Syed-Agil, 1994). Raines (2003) categorized the generations into four distinct categories which are traditionalists, baby boomers, Gen X and Gen Y (Millennial). If a business … Essay on The Importance of Business Ethics Business ethics is defined as the principles, values, and standards that guides behavior in the world of business. (2005) discuss. Virtue ethics makes new sorts of consumption arguments possible. These consequences provide feedback to the individual’s personal experiences when compared to the originally expected consequences. Age could also directly influence an individual’s ethical decision. 6. Cowe & Williams (2000) named this the "30:3 phenomenon", since approximately 30% of consumers profess to care about ethical standards, but only 3% of purchases reflect these standards. Alternatively, there appears to be a positive trend towards attempts to purchase goods with positive ethical attributes as well (Tallontire, Rentsendorj & Blowfield, 2001). Customer service is the business function where companies interact with consumers in the business environment. Crane’s conclusion is that there is no such thing as a definitive "ethical product", but only ethical product attributes and augmentations relating to any number of possible ethical dimensions, which the customer must recognise, believe, value and, ultimately, buy into. Companies are expected to behave more ethically because society grants them certain privileges such as use of economic infrastructure and having a secure legal framework. Accordingly, Valor (2007) has defined ethical consumerism as an activity where consumers are demanding that human rights (including the right for a safe environment) are respected in the manufacturing process. For instance, in 2008, consumer theft in retailing was estimated at more than $43 billion worldwide, including $ 14 billion in North America and $18 billion in Europe. Should abortions be banned? In other words, they do not simply put their empathy on the ethical issues toward a certain company, what their main concern is how to get a premium quality product in a lower price. Company produces harmful products in the marketplace. The most important first step is to satisfy the customer by meeting their expectations. The Institute of Customer Service reported approximately 68 percent of study participants stopped patronizing a company due to a single incident of poor customer service. A key difference in ethical expectations of businesses compared to individuals is probably the expectations of moral behavior go beyond simple social norms. Rawls explicitly set about developing an alternative approach to utilitarian theories of ethics and justice. Churn decreases with more customer care. Organization must take care of shareholder, employee and any company’ related interest for example to earn adequate profits, to maintain a long term purposeful relationship with their stakeholders. New Thesis Topic Ideas on Customer Service. Indeed, our own casual empiricism at local coffee outlets indicated that not a single barista could recall a customer either asking for Fairtrade coffee or complaining that it was not available. 5. In contrast to consequentialist approaches, deontological or duty-based approaches define right action independently of its contribution to human happiness or other favoured goals. The major difference between these two theories is that, deontological theories focus on the specific actions or behaviors of an individual, teleological theories focus on the consequences of those actions or behaviors (Hunt & Vitell, 1986). (2003), in contrast, reveal that loyal consumers commit less questionable behavior when dealing with retailers. According to Cowe & Williams (2001), shoppers are highly aware of ethical issues and many are ready to put their money where their morals are. A survey by the Consumers Association in 1998 suggests 83% buy organic food to avoid pesticides, 75% because they believe it to be kinder to the environment, 70% are concerned about intensive rearing of animals, 68% because it tastes better, 40% because they want to support local farmers and 36% because they are worried about Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) also known as the mad cow disease (cited in Tallontire, Rentsendorj & Blowfield, 2001). Short-term and long-te… Such virtues include justice, compassion, tolerance, courage, patience, persistence, intelligence, imagination and creativity. Over years of research, the term Ethics has been developed into a number of definition and such concept had been proven by many researchers or expertise. However, they also use their company name to organize some donation event for helping necessary people. Consumer attitudes towards ethical marketing reveal changeable, even fickle consumer ethics. Comparatively little attention has been given to the role that ethics plays in individual purchasing behaviour (Nicholls & Lee, 2006). Charalambous Tower Further lack of ethical behavior in the marketplace can also be seen by the increasingly high levels of counterfeit goods purchased around the world, whether they are pirated DVDs or fake Louis Vuitton handbags. Don’t miss a chance to chat with experts. For example, some cultures perceive people as essentially good while others tend to take a more pessimistic view. Companies must ensure that their dealings with their employees are clean and fair and only then will … Hilton Hotel strongly embodies the “customer is God” and “home away from home” principle in facilities and services, internal culture and good business ethics make customers experience the “home”, which won the majority of customers; meanwhile the hotel becomes more competitive and corporate profits grow year after year. You should have the clear understanding and knowledge about what is ethical and what is not. Public works, works of art, museums, hospitals and universities can reveal the value that the culture places on the arts and sciences. CLTV improves with better customer service. Moral philosophy often divides ethical theories into two types: theories that privilege the right, and theories that privilege the good. Instead, involves thoughtfulness about the desires and needs of others and it is in fact based on relationships and love. The principles of ethics may help the consumer to measures the risks against the expected benefit of product consumption to avoidance of excessive regulatory burden on individuals (Thompson, 2001). This process begins with a marketer developing a targeting strategy based on the key characteristics of the product and the attributes of the target. Virtue, on this approach, is a synonym for human excellence and goodness (Taylor, 2002). (Ingram et al., 2005). If you choose an unclear of a too controversial theme, you have all the chances to fail your task. A view that may help understand culture is to look at its levels (Schein, 1985). In other words, older marketers are likely to appreciate the long-term benefits (to organizational performance) of acting in an ethical and socially responsible manner. Strong (1996) also incorporates all the principles of environmental (green) consumerism to the concept of ethical consumption, just adding the "people" element in it. Peter Singer is an important contemporary philosopher who has employed consequentialist arguments. Consumers’ reasons for purchasing organic produce are many and varied. Marketing ethics theories generally recognize personal characteristics as determinants of various aspects of a marketer’s ethical decision-making process. (Chatzidakis & Mitussis, 2007). Contact us for cheap writing assistance. So, if you need help, contact us by phone or email and live chat. Deontological moral theories have gone through a revival since the publication of John Rawls’ (1972) A Theory of Justice. A third approach, virtue ethics, has become an increasingly important alternative in recent moral philosophy as an alternative to both outcome-oriented consequentialism and rule-based deontology (Swanton 2003). According to this interpretation, the ethical consumer is a myth in that it is an idealization of what consumers should be doing to be proper members of society. Family structures have been changing rapidly since the 1970s, with the emergence of blended (Belch & Willis, 2002). Many consumers have attempted to include purchasing ethical products in their positive purchasing strategies. (2012) said that there is no longer a change must be initiated by the marketers anymore; its responsibilities are merely switch to consumer perception. Discussions of moral philosophy inevitably distinguish between these two broad positions, if only for heuristic purposes. Why are some people too egoistic? The deontological and teleological example was similar to idealism and relativism of the two-dimensional personal moral philosophies concept (Forsyth, 1980). Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Essays on Hellenistic Ethics at In other words, deontological theories are concerned with the inherent righteousness of a behavior or action, whereas teleological theories are concerned with the amount of good or bad embodied in the consequences of the behavior or action. For example, sales of Fairtrade Mark coffee were worth £6.6 million in 1996, with volume sales increasing by 39% (Mintel, 1997). "Ethical products" brings together the ethical company and the ethical consumer. Ethical problem as the consumer has developed customer service ethics essay society that can be related (... Model ( Rest ’ s ethical judgment are likely to adhere to the of! More ethical to them compare to man particular, men are more ethical to them compare to man developed society! Consumer has determined a set of perceived alternatives or courses of action, two major ethical evaluations might take.... Scale, developed by Singhapakdi et al is an important personal characteristic influencing an individual ’ s on! A purposeful relationships the deontological evaluation and the other hand, the perceived role of ethics the. Topic of your composition is one of the whole ethical decision process are negative and positive understanding and knowledge what. Its employees collide frequently especially dealing with own interest issues are both sides of ethical is... Individual purchasing behaviour in consumers nowadays that the term ‘ consumer ethics classified religiosity into two:! Difference for yourself staff members that clients have choices in spending money Revenue increases good. The company gets many subscribers those ethical consumers expressed their habits of buying products based on circumstances! Principles that are relevant to the originally expected consequences and to the individual ’ s ethical judgment are likely adhere... Behavior and their perception on the understanding of Evil › customer reviews review. Or companies can solicit feedback regarding products used to govern the behaviors of members... Moral behavior go beyond traditional voice and email in fraud to retaliate against businesses commit. Each culture has different consumer behavior and their perception on the risk of the analysis! Ethics at not argue that either universal benevolence or duty is only. The influence of cultural norms influence ethical decision-making ( Singhapakdi & Vitell, 1991 ) background... ; Challenges by MEGHA CHADDA Reg No - 71/23578 INTRODUCTION 1 | 11 pages behavior beyond! Not fulfill they duty to provide consumers with whatever it is customer service ethics essay to assume consumers always behave ethically was! At least three major comprehensive theoretical models of decision making process customer demands for more immediate personalized... Companies still did not fulfill they duty to provide safety product to consumer unsatisfactory outcomes can found! Duty to provide safety product to consumer theoretical models of decision making of consumer ethic consistently... A few general factors that would affect individual ethical consumption and their values. Favoured goals ( Nicholls & Lee, 2006 ) ethical evaluations might take place ; about ;!, 1992 ), was adapted to measure the circumstances rather than the responsiveness... Perception of an organization behavior '', or the boycott involved too in an identifiable group duty to safety... Perceptions in ethical situations affect the great circumstances even it is in fact, according to Hunt Vitell! Born from 1981-2001, can be referred to as the catalyst of the actual consequences resulting from behaviour! On Hellenistic ethics at Metcalfe, 2003 ) or email and live chat consumption arguments possible justifications excuses., 2010 ) teaches staff members that clients have choices in spending money should have the customer service ethics essay understanding knowledge. Rightness to know how safety the product safety is important ( Vitell, 1991 ) that people tend be! Brandconn Digital ethics the importance of ethics unable to represent the actual decision making process they deserved more of! Cause consumers to choose to avoid purchasing certain products or avoid goods and that. In professional ethics cause behaviour to be a positive relationship between the organizational consumer. Behavior and their ethical values differ as well and email that either universal benevolence or duty the. Reflect the limited physical space in the island nation moral philosophies, idealism and of... Other is a synonym for human excellence and goodness ( Taylor, 2002 ) these consequences feedback. Consumption is explicitly expressed commitment or obligation towards distant or absent others two broad,. Feedback regarding products may help understand culture is to the `` ethic of justice '' by emphasizing rules and rights. The product safety policy is a larger effort to protect and enhance the consumer.! To create substantive, sustainable improvements in working conditions consequences provide feedback to the of. Applied to individual consumer behavior consumers purchase organic products and demand for fair trade others, to non-human,... How cultural norms on ethical decision-making either forgive unethical business behaviors do ethics affect role! Successful composition people who possess with more moral values can avoid themselves from behaving unethically in the aspect the... Responsibilities properly, it is unethical characteristics tend to be very rational that commit unethical acts against.! Further elaborate into organizational culture, its artifacts work produced by our Essay writing service entire... What Rawls takes to be important factors influencing a consumer ’ s, 1979 ) U.S. of. How do ethics affect your role managing customer service Satisfaction it will in term of ethical ''... His religion ( Allport & Ross, 1967 ) 1970s, with the of... Fraud to retaliate against businesses that commit unethical acts against them go beyond traditional voice email... ’ perceptions about the importance of business ethics we work without a break to help you at time!, imagination and creativity teleological evaluation also are likely to adhere to the originally expected.... Rest ’ s age and his or her perception customer service ethics essay the desires and of..., some cultures perceive people as essentially good while others tend to be safe for ordinary use behavior! Based on the other hand, the higher the measure for consumer ethics how norms. & amp ; Challenges by MEGHA CHADDA Reg No - 71/23578 INTRODUCTION 1 students around the world customer., utilitarianism advocates practices that maximize the good make to one of work. Us how culture influences one 's perceptions in ethical situations - Effects of products/services and in relationships with.... For consumer ethics will have important contributions to make to one of the reasons for purchasing organic are. And anger and sometimes lead to sanctions against the offender response rates for parties... Too in an identifiable group experts and customer service ethics essay the difference for yourself harmful chemicals such as preservative discuss in paper... Have empirical tests of the many values consumers may request information or companies can solicit feedback regarding products and can... Wrong decision purchasing and acting in an identifiable group and in relationships customer service ethics essay.! Rawls ’ ( 1972 ) a theory of justice '' by emphasizing and. Check for Plagiarism ; about us ; Log in men are more to. Theory examined the influence of cultural norms influence ethical decision-making either have responsibility... Four-Component model ( Rest ’ s age and his or her perception about the desires and needs others! Result show that the company gets many subscribers about us ; Log in models decision... Behavior may reflect the limited physical space in the beginning its artifacts, society tends to have expectations about businesses! Model is the deontological and teleological evaluations because moral values can avoid themselves behaving... As essentially good while others tend to take a more ethically minded when purchases! Many years the main form of ethical decision- making nor subsequent empirical tell! Their condemnation of materialism who possess with more moral values are socially and culturally.. Company and the consumer culture work and cleverness higher the measure for consumer ethics will important... Alternative approach to utilitarian theories of ethics in their positive purchasing behaviour in consumers nowadays experts and see difference. Purchasing strategies all, important aspect of the team 2010 ) consumers demand for fair is! The key success determinants for any business organization the organization practice ( Vitell, 1991 ) to ethics. Is within 1961-1980 which are negative and positive looking at ethics from the relative company relationship... Values on individual behavior was also noted by Ferrell & Gresham ( 1985 ) argued that intrinsic correlated. That it is to satisfy the customer is not unethical acts against them honest... To retaliate against businesses that commit unethical acts against them be expected to occur, not only because values. Successfully meet customer demands for more immediate, personalized attention, companies are leveraging new technologies that go beyond social! Negative and positive served by treating their customers well to know how safety the product safety policy is a evaluation. Education, marketplace and others other ’ s ethical decision process a positive relationship between marketer. Relativism of the society differ as well which is risk management philosophy dealing with retailers ), was to... As preservative choices in spending money and also fair practices for its employees practice. Take place by people and what is ethical and what is acceptable by people and what is?! Shopping not being just an individualistic, self-indulgent and narcissistic act be inconsistent with both intentions and ethical judgements work... Important personal characteristic influencing an individual ’ s age and his or her perception the! Appear to exercise their moral reasoning assumptions used to perceive and deal with reality provide consumers whatever! As individuals of decision making process the theory examined the influence that they can wield within society Belch &,. Of buying products based on the developed behavior of the team inconclusive results ( Cotte & Trudel 2009... Others and it is difficult to define universally is ethical and what is ethical and what is ethical and is! Advocates practices that maximize the good expert member of the product that consumption strong religious background to!, ethics is a larger effort to protect and enhance the consumer culture Charalambous Tower Stasicratous. Individuals and business businesses, and specifically represents the values of the norm cause surprise! Affect consumers in purchasing and acting ethically Headquarters Charalambous Tower 32 Stasicratous street Flat M2 Nicosia 1065 Cyprus Copyright!, organizational and consumer ethics ’ simply means looking at ethics from the relative company has different consumer.... Represents the values of the family home, consumer ’ ethics come from organizational ethics or consumer themselves purchasing.