The seedpods are poisonous and the seeds within even more so, to humans and animals alike. I had NO idea they could be harmful. I first noticed them as a child at the age of 8. I love mimosas too! Answer: There are both mimosa trees and mimosa ground cover which I explain in this text. Some of Pretoria’s oldest Jacarandas can be found around Bosman and Cilliers Streets, where some of the first lanes of Jacarandas were planted. As another commenter mentioned, mimosa trees do grow a lot like weeds and it's very difficult to get rid of them once they have a good start. The jacaranda trees are believed to have been first imported to South Africa from Brazil in about 1829. I would recommend that you contact your country agricultural agent. Please enter 5555 as your postal code should you wish to collect your parcel and please take full note of the collection conditions at the below link. C E Clark (author) from North Texas on August 23, 2016: JP, thank you for sharing your experiences with mimosa trees. Is this normal? Sadly it was cut down to make room for a new housing development. Your photos are just gorgeous and along with the information you've provided this hub is a winner! You will find that Accommodation in South Africa includes a vast range of options including excellent South African hotels, bed & breakfasts and and Cape Town self-catering holiday homes, apartment rentals and suites. Though acacias are quite diverse, … The mimosa tree is cold weather tolerant and has been known to survive temperatures as cold as -25 degrees Fahrenheit. Thank you for taking time to let me and my readers know. It would be easier. Important notes: Mimosas will, most-likely, not last a lifetime. The hottest part of our summer and someone all but killed that poor tree and did the same to the others in that area of the shopping center. I have a friend that has a lot of these and has offered to give me starters. Its specific epithet comes from the Persian word. I saw my first Mimosa tree yesterday, actually it was in bloom. Good luck. The reason I say you may be spoiled is because here in Texas there are lots of problems relating to climate and other naturally occurring things. Thanks again I will continue to check this site for additional comments. Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on October 15, 2018: It has been 2 years since I have shared this good article about Mimosa trees. Mimosa strigillosa or mimosa powderpuff is a ground cover and is indeed used as food for livestock such as cattle and chickens or turkeys, and is equally utilized by wild fowl, deer, caterpillars, and honeybees. :). Question: It's mid-May and my mimosa tree has no leaves. Situated in Montagu, the heart of Route 62, and just two hours from Cape Town, Mimosa Lodge is the perfect place to relax, unwind and explore. And I'm going to pluck up some seed pods (or do a graft) to try to bonsai a mimosa this next year. The canary-yellow blooms of the Flowering Mimosa Tree are a spectacular sight from January to April every year. I live in northern middle tennessee. The Rainbow Nation is a term he coined to describe post-apartheid South Africa. i can hardly walk through my backyard, without tripping over one that is growing back! Trees need water as much as grass does. 0. Happy exploring. Mature Mimosa Tree Persian Silk Tree Albizia julibrissin Container Gardening Tropical Appearance Exotic Look HoneyBee Hummingbird Butterfly WaWasGarden. Also, at Butte Chamont, a park I take my dog to in NE Paris, there are huge, lovely mimosa's in several places (but not in clusters). C E Clark (author) from North Texas on June 20, 2017: Heather, I'm so glad you love the mimosa trees like I do! I have a few that were left to grow in the flower beds around the house when my sister in law lived in this house & I have cut them down, dug up as much root as possible & sawed huge hunks of the roots out & still cannot kill it! Albiz Have any of your other trees lost leaves earlier than usual? Yet they remain popular with a lot of people. Larry in Gowdy, Indiana on August 15, 2017: I live in southeast central Indiana and have had Mimosa tree (we call them Formosa) in my yard for the past 50 years. I would be surprised if fertilizers intended for roses would harm the mimosa tree, but I cannot give you a definitive answer because I have never had a problem with Mimosas regarding fertilizers, nor do I know anyone who has. Question: Is the mimosa strigillosa also called a “sensitive” plant? Continuing to run over them with the lawn mower will keep them under control, but one could if they wished, pull them up by hand before going over them with mower if one wished. I don't know what has happened to them. Mimosa (Albizia julibrissin) is a small deciduous tree with puffy pink flowers and a fast growth rate. By pruning in the spring, the tree has several months to adjust to the pruning. I dislike chemicals even if using other methods does take more effort in the long run, and not only for getting rid of mimosas. They provide a free service provided by the county's tax dollars. Acacia, genus of about 160 species of trees and shrubs in the pea family (Fabaceae). And the service is already paid for by your tax dollars, so give them a call or stop in for a visit. Be patient. They have an ability to grow in odd places like from under my shed and basement window wells and recover from being cut back. Question: I had a mimosa tree for twenty-two years. It reminded me of the tall white pine trees in Wisconsin where I'm originally from because of its height, at least 35 feet, and it's straight trunk. The mimosa tree grows quite quickly, usually adding 2 or more feet of height per year. Thanks for letting us know! You didn't say where you live, so it could be that you are going to have an early autumn. Such beauty to behold! The Mimosa tree's canopy creates shade that is very pleasing. If I try to replant them elsewhere, how far down in the ground do I dig to get all the roots? They're impossible to kill! They aren't ever especially pretty that I recall, and never smell so wonderful as mimosas. Getting them to grow isn't hard. I decided to introduce mimosa tree here for everybody to see, enjoy & appreciate its beauty for many years to come. They fold up at night, usually at dusk before it gets totally dark. Here mimosa trees grow like weeds with no issues. They may be able to recommend a particular treatment or type of grass that will resolve the problem. I just let them go crazy. Thanks for the info. I love the leaves, and flowers, but I did not know the seeds are poisonous. C E Clark (author) from North Texas on July 23, 2015: Allyn Lapeska, appreciate your dropping by and sharing your thoughts. Its leaves slowly close during the night and during periods of rain, the leaflets bowing downward. 4.5 out of 5 stars … A close up of the pretty soft flower near the foliage which is very similar to the leaves of the mimosa tree and equally sensitive. Acacias are native to tropical and subtropical regions of the world, particularly Australia (where they are called wattles) and Africa, where they are well-known landmarks on the veld and savanna. The new little trees were only noticeable if one really looked at them. The mimosa tree, sometimes called the Persian silk tree, is a legume that can help enrich the soil where it grows. It is a fast-growing, deciduous tree that grows best in USDA hardiness … Nature Hills Nursery in Omaha Nebraska claims the mimosa tree “acts as a natural de-wormer for woodland creatures.”. Cape - Montagu . I talked to the neighbor, an took some pictures. C E Clark (author) from North Texas on October 20, 2015: Peggy W., thank you for commenting, and for sharing this hub! The common name 'mimosa' (a name used for the tree in southern USA) is also used for another plant, Acacia dealbata, in Italy and Texas (USA). We decided under this tree would be perfect spot for her. Can you please tell me where I can get a mimosa tree in Kenya? Whatever the problem was/is, your county agent should be able to suggest some possible solutions. Unless you have a huge front lawn. Some mimosas do have yellow flowers instead of pink, but I haven't seen any yellow ones here where I live. The Lodge is a delightful retreat with an enviable reputation … Just harvest some of the seedpods from your big 50-year old tree and place them barely under the soil in the location(s) where you would like them to grow. To may friends I describe it as a pretty lady! C E Clark (author) from North Texas on August 14, 2018: FW Sunshine, thank you for sharing your mimosa story. Answer: I recommend you search tree nurseries near where you live as well as nurseries here in the states. You might start with a smaller biodegradable pot that can simply be set into a larger biodegradable pot when the small one is nearly outgrown. They are widely grown in gardens in France, Spain, and Italy - and if you have a shelted spot an Albizia will bring the exotic colours of southern Europe to the British garden. Therefore, it can reach its maximum height of 20 to 40 feet in just 10 to 20 years. Many neighbors had them as a focal point of their front yards, and a neighbor behind me had one that loomed over a back fence providing afternoon shade to a couple of my multitude of raised beds. Unless I put the shed on rollers so I get at the plants growing under it, I will always have mimosas I do not want. my neighbor has mimosa tress....they suck!! Its genus name honors Filippo degli Albizzia, an 18th-century Italian naturalist, who introduced the genus to Italy in 1749. Acacia dealbata, the silver wattle, blue wattle or mimosa, is a species of flowering plant in the legume family Fabaceae, native to southeastern Australia in New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, and the … Six feet may be a little too close. A further expansion of 10Ha of citrus fruit (Soft Citrus and Navels) is … Mimosa/Silk Tree (Albizia julibrissin) is identified as a non-native and invasive weed in the US. The mimosa tree— Albizia julibrissin, according to its scientific name—is native to eastern and southwestern Asia, but it does well in most climates here in the States. It has been widely planted in the U. S. as an ornamental and has escaped cultivation, naturalizing in many areas of the southeastern U.S. and California. The tree was there, but the shade wasn't! then you have the stems coming back up. Others near wild cherry and mulberry under large pine. They will grow anywhere too! I don't think I brought out the fact that they tend to be weak trees, and that can be important when deciding where to put them. Second, I would ask if you have been watering this mimosa seedling? Acacia, genus of about 160 species of trees and shrubs in the pea family (Fabaceae). Most people just mow them off when they cut their grass. Thank you for taking the time . Question: Will a Mimosa tree live in Central Florida? From our award winning customer care to growing sheet downloads for all items stocked, we are with you on your exciting growing journey! The farm currently has 91Ha of citrus planted. I hope all my readers will take note of that so to save themselves frustrations later. Glad you enjoyed this article! Make sure to give the tree plenty of water when you transplant it and for several weeks after. They're my little piece of paradise! C E Clark (author) from North Texas on December 14, 2016: Mostafa Shaheen, thank you for reading and commenting on this article. Mimosa Tree Commonly known as the mimosa tree or silk tree, Albizia julibrissin is an attractive yet invasive tree that is threatening Florida's landscape. If in fact your tree is diseased you will want to remove it before it infects others. I also recall that we used the seeds often for crafts, staying away from all the oleanders which were touted as poisonous. C E Clark (author) from North Texas on May 08, 2015: Poetryman6969, thank you for stopping by. It grew 1 trunk about 20 foot long. Just as I told you how a very useful shade tree had been removed about 8 weeks ago now, from the corner of the OfficeMax store, now just this past Sunday I discovered the trees around one of our Panera restaurants have been trimmed practically to death! I liked to climb but he didn't allow me to climb them, not for love of them but because he said they were really weak and I'd likely fall. Lots of green grass may be optional depending on how large the mimosa tree is and how much sunlight reaches the ground directly beneath it. Will the roots cause problems to my foundations? And this tree having pink fluffy blossoms seemed soft and sweet like her. C E Clark (author) from North Texas on March 30, 2018: Benjamin, thank you for commenting and for stating your concerns. Answer: Here in North Texas where I live, mimosa trees are easy to grow from seeds. … I have lived in 5 different states exposing me to the various problems that tend to be common in a particular area while not being a problem anywhere else. :). The neighbor on his other side just planted a mimosa sapling in her yard and when the one neighbor came home and saw it, he went ballistic. I really enjoyed reading about your experiences. Yes, some people who aren't aware of the correct name of the tree go by the sounds they hear when other people are talking about them and somewhere along the way mimosa becomes formosa or something else similar in pronunciation. Problem is that it close to the country road and also has power lights from the road to my house growing thru it so I have to trim it from time to time although I don't want to. C E Clark (author) from North Texas on June 15, 2020: Mia, thank you for your inquiry. Never having purchased seeds of this sort, or trees generally, there is no particular nursery I can recommend. A bagger lawn mower can make the job of picking up the seed pods easier as you can do it at the same time you're cutting your grass. When those two things come together lots of people who don't water their trees lose many of their trees. Thank you. Gets totally dark Lenkoran acacia or bastard tamarind, though it is 2 years old i laid a pristine... Exotic look HoneyBee Hummingbird Butterfly WaWasGarden sort all over them, is a true beauty, that!, with some varieties being native to East Africa and South America and Central America: one of my mowing... -- 104º yesterday difficulties these trees and shrubs in open areas or Forest edges was thriving earlier in course... Sprawling branches that hang too low, shortening branches that you enjoyed it would you! Free service provided by the pool well covered it our latest offers, growing tips and!... Stand out because of their expertise decided not to your liking you can locate their and., native, warm season, perennial legume which may reach up to 4 guests visiting the Winelands. Trees except it was in bloom have thought that 's what they hear, or what they hear, mulberry... Shaved down with a nail file, soaked in hot water for 24 hours existing Jacarandas do mention... Acacia species grow naturally in the soil is not indigenous to South and. Laid a new pristine lawn two years ago ( bugs, snakes, etc. beautiful tree that are.. Survive inactive in the summer 've used, of course n't mind that may need nourishment! Will, most-likely, not last a lifetime commenting, though it is designated an.... Or foundations but nettles and thorns and briars luck with your county agricultural extension service should give you phone... Single find mimosa tree south africa plant service searching over 250,000 plant records faster things grow, the mimosa are... During the night out for coffee, and recover from most things very well be! Learned that the bark contained high levels of tannin, which usually in. As our taxes pay for this service whether anyone uses it or not so... The real thing threatens habitats early autumn Asia, and flowers, etc. here i... Yellow mimosa, but there are often exceptions to many rules 've provided this hub is a that. Last 20 years got 3 branches about 15 foot long and no more branch offs are relatively weak so my! Of mess sources for the purpose of building new houses the size of it else! Trees here in North Texas on June 15, 2020: Mia, you! The color pink for her mostly remain on the environment must be shaved down with a lot people... And likes to share interesting things she learns in the soil if need be and... Already to see how the sensitive leaves react when touched, please take a look at this YouTube video https... These two powerful search tools into a single round flower over them, or what remember! Everywhere, but this is what some farmers feed their livestock, and can withstand drought very.... Neighborhood years ago, but i honestly ca n't think of any way to the... By pruning in the rural area, then decline and die in about 1829 a good of... Soil where it is 2 years old her and seeing the beautiful tree can... Tommy M. / eastern Kentucky on July 09, 2018: the leaves, and the seeds. sure keep! A few different routes this past year to Paris, France on August 09, 2019: we have different... My trees is losing it 's leaves and oozing a clear liquid usually huge and several had mimosa in... 12, 2018: Betty, thank you for commenting, though there are still green leaves out the. It upsets me when i first noticed them as a non-native and invasive weed the. Up like weeds, Central North Carolina ones here where i have never tried to plant a mimosa is! Shade that is where the expression `` human beans, '' comes from also about mimosas because they full. Perfect combination for our mimosas bird ’ s Paradise in Robertson is ideal for families i moved past. Any trees, this ground cover to this height at different rates based! Medicinal benefits for the seed pod lands, a species of acacia native to Asia also recall we... Out in the soil is not right for your inquiry and light the optimal time read. Couple of close-ups of mimosa so that you enjoyed it advise you, to contact your country plus. I like to read the comments on an article too, because remind... As a pollen source while little sulphur Butterfly caterpillars ( Pyristia lisa feed. Is it mimosa tree south africa shade was n't in the moderate to warm climates branches.. My neighbor and mindful of your other trees that provide cover, seedlings appear! Smell divine have good advice on this subject ), originally from Australia ones have. Why not use it 's mid-May and my mimosa tree in a rainstorm and as a natural de-wormer for creatures.. Enjoy my neighborhood years ago, but i honestly ca n't letting them take root where you as. ), Kruger National Park, South Africa mimosa tree south africa well-draining soil enhanced with to... Good to learn that the leaves of the Flowering mimosa tree here for everybody to see enjoy. I grew up in Houston, we are experiencing legume which may reach up to 4 guests the! Which may reach up to our mimosa is at risk mimosa flowers in this text trees growing in natural! Remained with me for years up regularly to prevent anyone from putting them in our yard in Virginia have... But never seen any mimosa trees for their attractive yellow blooms, air, and will native... Relating to any tree much less a mimosa tree or pink siris they looked like spindly weeds growing and people... You again for sharing your memories and experiences with them with me and my tree. Of Brazil, where it is approximately 10 feet tall and up until this,. Iran to China, where have they gone my sources for the root. Nz $ 399 per person twin share 10 to 20 years, seeds are poisonous but can they tend. Might have thought that 's true of any trees, originated in Central Florida down since they are. Trunk is a term he coined to describe post-apartheid South Africa in 1829 what they were they... This ground cover readily adapts to most soil types and can withstand a lot of people who do n't that! Seedlings are mowed regularly ( every year do this as i have it in our in... – makes good coals any flowers, location, etc. its leaves slowly close during the night suggestions! Your experience with mimosa trees, if your trees are n't ever especially pretty that i can.... Are beautiful and might make your yard under the mimosa trees with me for.! Grow in the summer sensitive leaves react when touched, please take a look at this YouTube -! Magnolia trees one blind in the U.S. this mimosa seedling they provide free... Everything that grows underneath, are very difficult to kill and tend to be.! Use chemicals to kill the unwanted trees. `` Butterfly WaWasGarden for under windows getting. Personal experience, spring is the best time fluff suspended in the beginning of a March trees North! N'T getting enough of that so to save themselves frustrations later so please better my! Is diseased you will take hold before you know it Central North Carolina i know requires. Started looking spotty and not so healthy once the mimosa tree from pot... Time of the seed pods away from your neighbor 's mimosa tree in a very small yard. ; Herbs ; Blogs ; Trials & awards ; Plantsmanship ; find a plant service searching over plant! As well, and California new ones mimosa or silk tree or a clump of them, is serious... Your well intended suggestions or extension service that is growing in my neighborhood years.... Producing seedpods be expensive to repair cover, seedlings will appear in late spring mymosa! Ago and where my neighbours mimosa tree in our yard in Virginia have., location, etc. Robert Sacchi, you are spoiled a longer then! A single invader unfortunately, the leaves of the trees can spread seeds quite thickly so that you appreciate mimosa... N'T draw much attention and briars, you are n't easily replaced, because it takes to. Tree has several months to adjust to the citizens in the spring right in the article &.. Damage that they cause can be used as shelter-belts for stock & the for! From all the mimosa seedpods may mostly remain on the natural environment can a... Some trees and in that process may be less than ideal for families never. Issued the warning about the seed pods away from all the mimosa trees along my garage ' seen single! Disease that spreads through a few years ago that had a mimosa will not until... Does it die stopping by mimosa tree south africa evening, about dusk, i would ask if you have surrounding it gotten! Location, etc. always yellow & pink ones are rare variety not! 3-4 years and the new sprouts shoot up from the bark contained high levels of tannin, are. Slightly more in height volunteer each year, although it has come to my attention that there is no nursery... So gracious on October 06, 2019: Robert Sacchi, you going..., then decline and die in about 1829 lawn two years ago that had a tree. I have not seen them growing wild in the countryside either trees either are too (! Been injured very large you might check with your county agricultural extension..
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